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Best Present You Got This Xmas?

Someone thought they'd trick me by buying me socks and think I would be ungrateful......just to get a reaction, and they had hidden quite a bit of money inside. Best just because of the effort put into taking the mickey out of me.

...theres a prankster in every family ours is my uncle who one year while everyone went for an early nap so they could get up at midnight to open prezzies, have a few drinks and a late late late snack, removed our whole lounge suit area including Christmas Tree and Stockings etc and set it up in one of the garages outside their are 3 all connected together....you can imagine when everyone got up.....they were freaking out more so because the prezzies had gone instead of the furniture etc lol....and then we heard a Christmas song being played outside and when we went out there was my Uncle opening the auto door on the Garage and everything was in their exactly how it would look inside the house....but he had added extra lights more gifts and had all the snacks and drinks prepared how could you stay angry with him....my dad loved it but my mum (my uncles sister) took a while longer to cool down....my Uncle lol is great.......

haha thats great sounds like the sort of prank I would try to pull!


Cashew nuts, a little bucket of them!!! Yummo!!! And they're not all gone yet either!


Lee Child's most recent Jack Reacher novel: 'A wanted man'. I also want to read the short stories that Lee Child is putting out now about Jack - there are two: one is about finding a lady informant in the Pentagon and the other is about Jack's childhood. I don't think I can wait until next Christmas for these - I might just have to treat myself!


We booked our Disneyland accommodation as our xmas present. Few months to wait to use it but as a family present, about as good as it gets for us.


My favorite present is the weight watchers digital scales (yes I did ask for this present!)


The most practical present l got was "A Beach Shelter", certainly need some protection for that sun this year


a dvd cabinet that closes up and completely hides the dvd away inside. We have so many, I was getting sick of them being an eyesore in the living room.


The little things that i like that my partner actually took note of and remembered!!! I got very spoilt this xmas but those were the best things!


Home alone for a month. No compromises, no hassles and a tidy house. Bliss. Just me and the cat.


TV for the bedroom - been wanting one for ages

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