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best movie of 2011

Which according to you is the best movie of 2011?


...if I had to choose it would be a toss up between source code and 13 Assassins, though I love my comedy didn't really like the offerings this year....hopefully next year will be better......definitely can't wait to see the Hobbit next year....that is definitely my to see movie for 2012.....


Yea DD i agree the hobbit is going to be cool ,hopefully they dont delay it or it will be a 2013 film. but how could you not like the comedy offerings with films like the change up, inbetweeners and horrible bosses i found those hilarious.id have to say my fave fil, of 2011 though was rise of the planet of the apes.

....yeah I didn't really but in saying that I haven't seen those two movies you mentioned...so my mind could change will have to check them out and honesty I apparently have an infectious sense of humour so I ask myself why too....lol...but yes I forgot to mention I did like Rise of Planet of the Apes...too....and did prefer it more than source code...which I just read some movie critics didn't like not that I am concerned what critics have to say....


Captain america was the best i rekon

...wanna see that too apparently the lead in the movie makes a dramatic change....so will be interesting to see....


I loved Rise of the apes


I thought in terms of comedy - horrible bosses was awesome. I've got the mad crush on charlie day from it's always sunny in philly, so was coool to see him on the big screen. Rockin'. Rango was pretty choice for animation, if you had of put real humans in the western sets they might not have looked animated! Stunning work. Catfish the facebook/socail media gone wrong doco was very gripping, i found it facinating, and allowed myself to get carried away in the story of it - though thinking about it days later, doubted how genuine it was - quite a few holes - but a fantastic watch. But i thought overall 2011 didnt do as flash for me as the past few years.


Sherlock Holmes!


Battle LA- luv the sci-fi and then played Resistance 2 straight after on PS3- both a blast.


Thor was pretty good, so was Xmen: First Class, wasn't much else that was top notch really


Smurfs. I lurrve Katy Perry


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