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Best city for a night out?

I'll put it out there, I'm currently in Hamilton and if it could have any claim to fame it's that it has a good selection of bars and clubs. I've also had some awesome nights in Wellington however so was wondering where everyones best night out was/ consistently is??

Christchurch with the rebuild, a huge amount of bars and restaurants are opening, seems to be somewhere new every week. An exciting and vibrant place to be.


For me, being in a smaller town, my best night out was in Hamilton but also had some pretty good nights in Rotorua


I could never fault Hamilton. Cheap, and easy to get everywhere. Auckland is difficult, its fairly expensive and everything is distant. Taupo can be good for a night out, I personally think if you don't live in the city, it can be the novelty that makes the experience all the better, regardless of town quality. Naturally however a solid pre game, and good mates are essential.


OK I am biased - Wellington has got everything I need for a great night out. Everything reasonably close, good transport, good selection of bars and clubs depending on your age and inclination, and good crew to play with


Hamilton definitely is a good night out except in Jan when it dies! Everyone leaves town for the beach and students not there. Lots of clubs stay closed and pubs often shut at 9pm due to lack of numbers. Other than that it is usually pumping with lots of events that swell the population. Personally an Irish pub anywhere usually means a good time.


I guess Auckland must be on the top for city night out. Start with Skycity, the Empire bar, Fort Union bar, the garage.The street is pack every friday and saturday night


Bit of resident's bias here, but my vote goes to Wellington. Best craft beers, huge range of quality restaurants, best rugby team and a stunning harbour front to walk it all off.


Guys, it's Invercargill. Ice cold beer. Ice cold pies, Ice cold women.


Have to be Wellington, especially in summer when you can work your way from Shed 5/Dockside end along the water front to end the night in Courtney Place...easy taxi home...


Waiuku at The Kentish when there is a good, live band playing. Good choice of places to eat in and or out too...:)

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