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Best Bar In Wellington

Has to be The Library Bar in Wellington!!


There's plenty of choice for us Wellingtonians at the moment. My vote would go to the wonderful Hashigo Zake in Taranaki Street. Atmospheric, welcoming and with the best selection of craft beers you will ever see - including hand-pulled ales. The Fork and Brewer would also be a contender - terrific ales and even better food.


wellington is far to big for me.where i come from you dont have the luxury of what is the best bar? you just have theres the pub go drink.


Poquito: It's very dark but otherwise the ambiance was great! They have fantastic coffee. Additionally they have a fabulous cocktail and wine list. http://www.poquito.co.nz/p/menus.html


Definitely pretty cool at Library.. Who doesn't want to read a book with a cocktail!?


Best Bar in wellington was this bar of chocolate i once bought there, chokito and i was in heaven Yum. Can't wait to go back.


Molly malones cnr Taranaki and Courtney and Kitty O'Sheas further down Courtney place will be the places to be on sunday for St Patricks day - the blow up leprechaun is already at mollys! also the D4 on featherston (although i'm not sure what they are doing to mark the day). Have a great one everyone - to be sure, to be sure...


Southern cross is great heaps of space live music great garden bar and good friendly staff. Covers all the bases . The people that go are a cross section of Wellington people's demographics and ages so it's a good melting pot.


The best bar in wellywood has you and your friends in it, where the booze is flowing freely, the banter is making the cheeks of your face sore with laughter, and you've all lost track of time because you're having a rollicking good time. All bars are just venues or background canvas for you to paint the town red or any colour that takes your fancy.

Got to agree, only thing I would add is some beautiful Wellington Woman to head home with at the end of the night ;)


I prefer a Snickers.


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