It wasn't an Xmas present..but we received a Microwave Cookbook for a wedding present from one my aunties. Poor old dear, who cooks in a microwave these days? lol - it looked to be printed in the 1980s.


I got a t-shirt from my mother with 'shark attack' written on it - with fake blood all over it and slashes in the side! Also, a red tie with tennis rackets and balls on it (I don't play) and a tie with a christmas scene and a blue santa on it (come to think of it - maybe it was santa smurf)!!


My dad always gave me money growing up, it was good but not much effort.


I prefer cash now but I agree that it's not much effort.


I got granny's remedy for smelly feet!! nice ah!

Was it one of those "hint" gifts?


Best; Gym membership to work off all the Xmas and New Years excess Worst; Chocolate (see above) NOT HELPFUL!


...my best Christmas present was when all of my family my parents, siblings and their children all were together for Christmas and the New Year we traveled from near and very far to be together and it was the best time ever for any Christmas I have had....the worse was when my brother passed away close to Christmas a few years later...and we tried to bring everyone together again but it was never the same again......we still have reasonable good Christmases but because of the close dates it is never been the same...but we try our best to put a brave face for all the kids so at least they are all happy and enjoying themselves.....


definitely some interesting reads there. Won't say a "worst" seeing as it's the suave forum and all, and if the giver read my comment, that would be far from "suave"! But, best present would have to be a lifetime supply of whisky, sadly I'm still waiting for it to happen. Maybe this year huh Santa.


Best ever Christmas present was a New York trip for 2 last year, spent Christmas and new year's eve there, it was awesome! Can't think of any bad presents, but I'll might have some stories after this year!!!:D

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