What has been your fave xmas present and what has been your absolutly worst? My fave would be when i got my mags for my 67 falcon and my worst would of had to of been socks. theres nothing more boring than recieving socks as a gift.

Haha Brilliant... I love getting socks.. socks are simply amazing.. as long as they are not plain black/blue/white etc... Admittedly though I don't think anyone is brave enough to buy me plain socks, the ones i buy myself are all at least 3-4 colours and patterned..
So besides from socks, which would be a brilliant present, The best present I have ever received would have to be a trip for two to Niue from an ex's father (when she wasn't an ex)...
Worst present - haha well I was 8 years old, and was given an anatomically correct baby boy doll in diapers... very weird. Very off-putting. I still don't trust that aunt...

I think i would still rather that doll than socks lol


Best = A hand made voucher from my ex that covered the cost of my $600 tottoo :D Worst = Great grandma knitted me an old retro designed wool jumper as 'she'd seen a handful of the youth today wearing them so she though they were back in'. Except it was highlighter yellow and a size too small. Bless


Best present (i got it early this year) my iPhone 5!!!


Best = Paretns paying half of a new tv Worst = Wine cooler carry bag. Dont even drink wine.


Best: BMX Bike as a kid. The biggest thing my parents had ever bought me at the time and I rode that thing into the ground! Worst: Every rugby biography I have ever been given (and there have been many). I can just barely watch a game on tv these days and reading about old games is even harder.


The best would have to be the new 12 speed racing bike from my parents in the Christmas of 82. The worst was so bed that I think I have managed to completly erase the memory from my being!! Basically I dont remember any bad presents or I save them till the next Christmas and regift them to the prick that gave it to me in the first place!!


This thread seems very suave indeed.


Worst... perhaps a pair of jandles that could only fit the feet of a small child or a t-shirts that are way too big. Best, perhaps my first bike or television set.


Best - wireless mics for playstation singstar Worst - Hankies


the worst i ever got was a pair of plastic sunglasses from the 2 dollars shop in bright pink, and no i was not a kid at the time, the best ever was and always will be my two cats my husband let me rescue from a neighbour who neglected them, and was able to keep them.


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