Which do we prefer?


Remain single... can do what you like when you like. I've never actually been in a relationship so wouldn't know otherwise haha. One positive aspect is that you can save a lot of money.


single best way to go, no hassles do what u want. Was single for many years now I'm house bound with no money as someone else keeps spending it.


Single all the way. Relationships are way too complicated, being single gives you way more freedom. Unless your truly ready to settle down why have extra baggage?

I'm in a relationship and I wouldn't have it any other way... I love my man he treats me like I am the only girl on earth and looks after me everyday... what more would you want


I love being in a relationship, nearly been with the girl im with for 2 years now and everything is going perfect, we go out together everywhere, party with the same group of friends, buy each other things all the time, always doing cute stuff for each other haha I don't like being single really, I like to be with someone to do something for them to work towards that happy life with all the debt and mortgage :P pets and kids and bills I cant wait!


Both have pros and cons. Best is to be happy with which ever you happen to be.


When you are ready, its better to be in a relationship. Everyone needs someone. No one's an island. It takes two to tango....and so on. Life will be worth lived when you have special someone to share it.


I think that there is a time in most of our lives when it's healthy to be in a relationship. I do not support the culture of having many relationships and treating them like ships that sink and then you get a new one. I come from a Christian background so that'll have something to do with it too. Being single has its advantages, as when you're a couple - you need to consult (or should) your partner. Then there's the advantage of when in a relationship, you might not get as bored or seem the odd one out at social gigs. It all depends! So to sum it up, both are ok but depends on the person. For me, right now, I'm single because I haven't found the right one and would rather be single until that time when I find her or she finds me.


At some point in time its nice to be single and other times its great to be in relationship, personally I feel much better when in a relationship.


being single is fantastic! It's all me me me me! As long as you have plenty of good friends who needs to spend all their time worrying about someone else. Waaaayyyyy less hassles, problems and issues. Everyday is so easy and relaxed. I wouldn;t have it any other way.

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