Discussing :: At what age does one become a "dirty old man"?


At what age does one become a "dirty old man"?

When a man talks dirty to a woman, it's sexual harassment. When a woman talks dirty to a man, it's $3.95 a minute.


Now that's more like it, feeeeeew

he should prob try lingerie and high heels then


Can't remember sorry, it was so long ago...


A doctor will tell you A Dirty Old Man is an old man with a sex drive.
Society thinks different, they say they are born at the age of 50 and remain at that age forever. A scary thought!


am i the only one disturbed by the fact this is asked on a night kids wander round and knock on doors asking for candy?

Wrong forum: Yeah if kids turned up at your door unsupervised l would be worried, but the ones that turned up tonight had gone to alot of trouble to dress up and had parents. (each one got a fredo frog).
We don't let our kids go out, instead my wife makes up a small lolly bag for them. Best to be safe.


A man's heart may have a secret sanctuary where only one woman may enter, but it is full of little anterooms which are seldom vacant. ~Helen Rowland


tho would you say its protecting the kids or sheltering them?

interesting fact did you know in 9 out of 10 abuse cases with children its someone they know and trust! - joy of having a mum as a counsellor you get all the terrible facts

I would be the first to agree that kids need to be protected and anyone who meddles with them needs to be punished.

The point l was trying to make in jest was (the other side of the coin) as you get older we appear to slot into a new category. Do (or did) you suddenly feel older when you reach a milestone 20, 30, 40, 50, etc, l think not. Age is nothing but a number, but others are quick to judge you by your age.

Inside you are only as old as you want to be, therefore “Old Age should always be a bit older than we are.”


how is this in the suave forum?

Hang on. How did being a dirty old man all of a sudden become associated with paedophilia? Being a dirty old man in my books is still legal, moral however... I think the moral lines are probably drawn at anyone less than half your age. I am talking old enough to be out at bars here, so a 40 year old bloke chatting up a 20 year old is probably riding his luck.

your trying to say being a dirty old man isnt being suave?

the truely suave wouldnt bend from the 1/2 your age plus 7 rule. imo

wait so im 32 so its moral for me to go out with a 16yo in your books :O

@Steff S in an attempt to win a prize I suspect! Shame on you Clyde!

Mmm, a 29 year old for me... scary.

And someone... younger than that for me. Hmmmm... yeah, that could work.

hmm bit of a cougar aye

Jabes. Please. A 'cougar' isn't just any woman who dates a younger man. Here's a definition for you.

The most commonly-accepted definition of a cougar is a woman 40 years of age or older (not me) who exclusively pursues very young men. The onset of the cougar years is hotly debated. Some feel that a cougar can be as young as 35, but women of this age would not be viewed as cougars unless their sexual conquests were no older than 25; the ten-year age difference seems to be an unspoken but accepted minimum between partners.

And, FYI, I generally date older guys.

me thinks thoust doest proteth too much ;) hehe


55 sounds about right to me but I guess if you're in your 30's and checking out 18 year olds at the pub that's creepy.

exactly half your age + 7 it never fails to work tho i must admit my gf is a year under that


From each posting I can almost surmise the age of the postee.....again its all a matter of perspective...as Clyde says- age is but a number but many people are (too) quick to judge you by it. Also the definition of Dirty Old Man can clearly be identified by the mathematical formula of AGE/$millions....have look what Ronnie Wood is up (in) to. Is there a difference between Dirty Old Man and Lucky Bugger ????

You can? I can tell fairly accurately predict what a person is like in bed based on how they walk. But that doesn't work that well in a forum situation...

...mine is the way they dance....and I have never been wrong yet......

Yeah, I agree with you, but it's more the way they move in general I think. Admittedly I'd need to do considerably more research to be absolutely sure...

....best of luck for your further research into this...as for me all I can say in regard to this matter is that my boyfriend is a really great dancer....

As WingerGee suggests, “Money can't buy love, but it sure gets you a great bargaining position”. It’s what makes the world go round.
Rich old guy’s with heaps of money, flash cars & house usually pick up the flashy woman. Some get stung with up keep and divorce settlement. Do they have all the fun l wonder, or is it all appearance.

The old believe everything, the middle-aged suspect everything, the young know everything.
* Oscar Wilde


Doesn't matter what age- if he wears a suit (of armour) like Clyde- then age doesn't matter.

Must be getting old, check out my new false teeth!
By the way l'm wearing a Wet Suit now in case you didn't notice.

...hmmm you dropped the armour for the wet suit....I'm still out on how I feel about that because your other avatar was pretty cool too.....

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