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Are we Alone......!!

Are we really? With increased sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects in the skies above NZ it kind of makes you wonder what is going on. Last week I spotted a large white light out of my kitchen window.It was very stationery for a few minutes their were planes flying past it which were tiny in comparison...The next minute it shot of across the sky at a high speed.So to cut a long story short I can't explain what I did see. I am not a Spacey nut and kind of sit on the fence.What are other peoples views on this topic?

If you believe we are the only living creature amongst all those billions of stars out there you need to wake up. The odds are stacked, do your sums there must be other life. Whether alien life is more or less intelligent than us, who knows? One day we may find out.


I think you need to stop drinking or smoking pot while you are cooking Foreverme! :)

....Hehe...I had witnesses that also seen it....I do admit to having a very large glass of wine afterwards for medicinal purposes of course....:-))


I agree. You might get ash in the soup. I was once convinced that someone was sitting outside smoking a cigarette one night. I stood in the darkened living room for about 5 minutes, pretty dang scared, watching to see if they moved. Eventually I worked out it was the light from the DVD player reflecting in the window...


I highly doubt we will find the answer to this question in my life time but like BadMonkey said the odds are stacked.


Yes, did you see the TV' NEWS - there are Planet Just like ours New planet discovered named Super Earth -


Planet Just like ours New planet discovered named Super Earth - Here is the VIDEO - [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZkG31hvQto&feature=player_embedded[/youtube]


Have always thought there must be other life out there somewhere but as far as lights in the sky being spaceships that is often proven to be wishful thinking and our minds playing tricks on us, like in optical illusions, like StillMe's smoking stranger. However there have been spooky encounters like the UFOs over Kaikoura that were actually picked up on radar


Yep - chances are, with the vastness of space, and the high probability of there being planets with livable conditions, that there is other life out there, but the key word in that thought is 'vastness'. It's the distances between planets, and the laws of physics (as we understand them) that will most likely keep us alone in the universe.


We will find out this weekend as NASA's Rover broadcast Black Eye Peas Will.I.Am new song this week on Mars. So I'm expecting an invasion of angry, vengeance-fuelled Martians.

...Wow wish I could go sounds like it's gonna be one hell of a party.Wonder if the martians are going to have a "Paint Party".....:-))


The world is far far far too big for us to be the only ones!!!!

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