Discussing :: Are the Wellington Sevens now passé?


Are the Wellington Sevens now passé?

Just a matter of a few years ago you had to be pretty quick to snare tickets for Sevens weekend in Wellington. Sold out in a matter of minutes, tickets couldn't be had for love nor money. But now it's a different story, with prices being reduced for 2015 in an attempt to get the punters in. There's even been talk of trying to attract people to actually watch the rugby. So has this festival of dressing-up, drunkenness and debauchery all become a bit passé? Has the Sevens lost its shine?


There's also the Auckland Nines to compete with...


I hope not. It might help if they reduce the prices as it is cheaper to go to the Nine's


Yes too much hype


I reckon the wowser brigade plus other competing events mean people who just wanna have fun are not choosing the Sevens. A bloody shame and a reduction in $$$ coming into Wellington from Sevens visitors.


Better not - I've yet to go!


Definitely not - still plenty of fight/fun left in them...imho


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