Discussing :: Anyone tried eating banana peels?


Anyone tried eating banana peels?

Heard recently that the peels contain a lot of nutrients and serotonin. It was recommended to blend the whole banana, along with fruit juice, yogurt, other fruit, ice, into a smoothie. I'd heard of plantains being fried up with the peel on, and always thought it sounded a little odd. Some concern about washing the peel quite well to remove pesticides or any other junk from handling. So I gave it a go last week and had a smoothie every day for lunch. I was pleasantly surprised with the first one, as I could hardly notice a flavor difference. It is quite filling. Nothing strange has happened. I even gave it a test and did a really good work out at the gym after drinking one. Some indications that it may help in losing weight, but it's too early to tell.


No, but I have seen the weird red skin bananas in the supermarket


I don't think is want to try it! Though I do enjoy green cooking bananas! They taste similar to yams!! :)


Not eating but I seem to remember trying to smoke dried banana skins for a natural high. Verdict: don't bother. I imagine eating them is just as bad ??

Haha I tried this too in high school. No noticeable difference but we felt soooooo naughty trying it!

thanks for the laugh


Err no, i think they taste not so good, would dread to thik what chemicals are on the outsite even if you washed them. I'd rather make a banana cake with the contents!


Not nice to eat - thought it was bitter and yuck. Only know this from trying to bite open a difficult to open banana. Now I sacrifice my nails instead!

Did you know monkeys open their bananas from the other end? Maybe it's easier on their nails??


I think I would pass on this one... I did remember reading about the smoked dried banana skins too haha


I don't think you are going to find someone that has tried it, it just sounds too werid. I imagine it would be pretty healthy as the skins of most fruit and vegetables are. I also imagine it would taste like satan's butthole.


I have tried eating the skin... it wasn't particularly to my liking. A bit fibrous and bitter. I think I'll just stick to eating the inside... although I have heard the skin is high in nutrients as you say. Why not I guess.


No I never have? I eat fejoia skins and kiwifruit skins though? guess you could hack the crap out of them in the blender though?


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