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Any hinta for NEW Dad

Hey team im going to be a new dad and im hell scared any hints to get though the first 6 weeks ????

well done gareth, the great thing about little people is they don't tell you you're doing it wrong, which is good because you can relax and just 'love' your newbie. I'm trying to remember how i coped i think it involved coffee, nappies and figuring out those domes on 'all in ones' which is like playing chess blind folded.
Good luck with it and go with the flow.


WOOHOOO! Congratulations!

I was scared sh1tless when my son was born. Watching the woman I loved give birth was deeply traumatising and wonderful all at the same time. Everyones experience is different of course. My best advice to you would be that when it happens you'll most likely go into autopilot; nature takes over. Honestly, it is nowhere near as bad as your fears will lead you to believe.
Although it meant less sleep for me, I designated myself as chief baby carrier; every time my son woke up needing a feed I got him and delivered him to mum. That kept me more "in the loop" and helped me bond. Same with bath time, that was mostly my job. I credit those two things with how amazingly close my son and I are now. Get sleep wherever and whenever you can. Keep telling your partner how amazingly beautiful she is. The rest will come naturally.
Oh, and a mask and snorkel will help with those early nappies. You do actually get used to it. Kinda.....
When's the baby due? Do you know if its a boy or girl?


Hey guys, thanks for putting my mind at ease. Im sure im will survive its just a matter of living without sleep. Thanks for the awesome ideas Jason will definately to the baby delivery thats great and the bath idea i am hell keen on that. Will keep you all in teh loop with how it goes.


Oh, here's another hint: Get bubs a baby hammock to sleep in. Heaps of benefits, not least of all they can bounce themselves back to sleep when they wake in the night. They also keep your baby on his or her back, and keep their heads slightly elevated, which is a good thing. I'd have one again, Riley loved his as you can see. It was hard getting him out of it. Google baby hammocks for heaps more info....


And... when they get their first cot you can convert the hammock onto a bouncer to help them learn balance...


I have tried to block a lot of that time from my mind, but things that stick are trying to remember that they won't always be that age (I still use this now, 9 years later), never pass up an offer to babysit, or to help in any way. Let lots of people hold the baby so it's used to other people. Follow professional advice if it feels right, but don't stress if it doesn't work. Plunket are really strict on back sleeping, routine, breastfeeding, eating the right things at the right age... But if you look back they've changed their advice many times over the years, and no doubt will again. My sister has a really old plunket book and the advice is now laughable. Relax, don't worry what other people thing, and remember, billions of parents have gone before you and both them and their children have survived their attempts, you and yours will be fine too. Keep us up to date on how it all goes!!


Hi there new Dad my recommendation to you is just do what is comfortable for you as the more relaxed you are then baby will relax as well. Also do try to be totally engaged with baby and switch your mind off from all the crap that exists from our day to day life as all baby wants is you and you undivided attention. You will be totally fine.


Just savour every moment - it all goes all too quickly.


Sleep when you can, remember the pain she went through and treat her well, and lastly but not least.... sleep depprevision can make people moody and they don't mean to snap :)


Get lots of sleep as you will wake up alot in the middle of the night to attend the little one.


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