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Any "Do you know who I am?" moments...

With "No I don't know who you are" Adam Gilmore and "I'd love to get to know you better" Reese Witherspoon not being Suave and trying to pull out the celebrity card to get there own way recently. Just wondering if any getfrank member has had that line used on them or have they tried it? Me personally, I haven't but must say I've been speachless and acted like a dick when I met 2 of my hero's so I probably would have given them a drink or let them off there parking ticket.


My ex girlfriend was a bar lady and a All Blacks ordered heaps of drinks and food and asked for a discount bacause he was a "famous". Unfortunately for him, she hates sport (I have a feeling it was my passion for it and that I used to schedule our activities together around sport that made her hate it) and didn't know or care who he was. Access Denied!!!!!!!!

The cheek of it, expecting a discount just because he's "famous." Good on her for denying him one, I take the same stance as her.


Sure have, my partner had a shoulder operation, it was his second one, the first one had been done by a different surgeon. After his second he asked the specialist if the first surgeon had done the right procedure, well he started jumping up and down and saying " Do you know who I am?! " " I am the best shoulder surgeon in New Zealand Iv operated on this this rugby player and this rugby player, how dare you question me! " We wer'nt actually asking about his op it was about the other guy but he didn't realise this and started raving, on top of this one of the rugby players he mentioned never actually returned to rugby because his shoulder never came completely right. So he kind of put his foot in it as well. After months of rehab the surgery wasn't a success and he has now had his fifth operation last week, we're hoping this will be the last.


But he admitted he was a Dick Head, we should take him at his word


Shot down at the bar the barman's to blame Adam, you give dickhead's a bad name (bad name) You played your card, "don't you know my name?" Adam u give dickhead's a bad name (bad name) You give dickhead's, a bad name

oooppppssss it dawned on me last night that I got aaron's name wrong!!! LOL I still don't know who you are Adam or aaron or what ever you name is .

Shot down at the bar
the barman's to blame
Aaron, you give dickhead's a bad name (bad name)
You played your card, "don't you know my name?"
Aaron, u give dickhead's a bad name (bad name)
You give dickhead's, a bad name

LOL Lori. I wouldn't worry about him as once John Key sacks him he'll crawl back under that rock he came out of.


Talk about "Stuck in a moment you can't get out of". Maybe he should just wear a sign around his neck "DICK HEAD". We would know WHAT he is at a glance and he wouldn't need to waste business cards.


No but I've tried it on myself to get a free drink, despite not being famous. It worked about as well as it did for Aaron Gilmore.


I think the best comeback to the "do you know who I am?" question is either - 'no, but do you know who I am?' or 'yes, but I don't give a rat's a*se'. Funny that All Black trying to get a discount when if the person at the bar knew they really were an AB then they would also know that they can afford to pay full price and then some!! ;O)


Ironic that if Aaron Gilmore asks that question now, more people will know who he is... for all the wrong reasons.


At old job, sold vase to slickly coiffured All Black years ago, he starts with "I'm so and so and blahdy blah", I said "yeah, I know who you are, why you buying this?" Not only did he decide to buy it himself , you'd think he'd have sent a mate in, but he name drops himself as well, fool.


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