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Alternative ways of living: Could this be your scene?

At a very long stretch it could be compared to a caravan, a but really, it's much more. The guy who built this has made a business out of it and sells these 'homes' for as little as $99US upwards. He spends less than $100US per on utilities! Do you think this could be your style?

Take a look here:


Haha - not good for a family, but it would be great in the yard as a sleepout, though it would probably end up as a play house...


$99??!? You could buy several of these and put them together and make a huge mansion!

Hahaha - I like how you completely miss the point :)

well just saying - if it only costs $99 I wouldnt hesitate getting out there and buying a couple of them! :)


Well, since we're talking about alternative ways of living, I'm about to start shooting a film with a lead character who is a freegan. He refuses to pay for everything, claiming this is the best way of thumbing your nose to consumerism. He finds useful things, including food, in dumpsters, eats food off other people's plates when they don't finish their meal at a cafe, gathers windfall fruit. Could you live like that?? I think I could do the fruit part... If you want to see what we're up to you can find info here Penny Black Movie www.pennyblackmovie.com :)


We have friends like that. When things are tight for them they invite themselves to everyones places for tea and don't buy their own groceries. Doesn't worry us, we only have to feed them once a week, and it helps them out.


On the other hand, take a llook at this guys. Betcha want one!


cute!! its too small and will work only for someone who is tidy. i may turn claustrophobic after a while of living there. but my daughter will love it so much. i wouldn't mind living in maybe quadruple the size so it'll be more comfortable for my family to bring on holidays. but its really a neat idea!


perfect for those needing rooms to stay in --> in Christchurch due to Earthquake


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