Discussing :: Aftershave or Cologne...What's the difference?


Aftershave or Cologne...What's the difference?

I didn't realize they were any different,but Aftershave is meant to contain 1% to 3% Perfume oil and a whole lot of alcohol,whilst Cologne contains 2% to 5% perfume oil.
Aftershave is meant to be less overpowering than Cologne.We still dab it on our faces after a shave ouch!!.Suggestions say to use a lotion or moisturizer.


Aftershave for the face after shaving and moisturising (careful not to cut yourself haha), and cologne for the neck and chest area.


And a wee dab of either on your belly midway between your navel and pubes before you go out...;-)


Or, neither. Unless it's a freakin' awesome smell I'd rather have my men just smelling clean. I've only dated one guy who wore cologne that I didn't dislike. I actually find it really sexy when I smell a guy and he smells like laundry detergent. Okay, having just written that I realise it sounds a bit odd...

But true.


Looking through the Farmers catalogue - only at the Fathers Day stuff - I see you can buy mens fragrance for a mere $150. Smelling good doesn't come cheap. I think I'll just stick to the being clean and laundry detergent smell. Actually my lungs don't like strong perfume smells and I start to get wheezy if someone is doused in it. Quite often find men overdo their deodorants or cologne. They don't seem to apply it as subtly as women.

I appreciate your 'clean laundry detergent smell' approach :) I find it hard to walk through perfume departments in stores without getting a headache. And sitting next to a guy doused in cologne on a plane... I don't even want to think about it.


In terms of scent, cologne is short lasting and light in concentration. At the other end of the scale is parfume which is highly concentrated and usually comes in small 200ml viles.


really you need to know the difference?
Aftershave is for after shaving.
Cologne is what you put on when you havn't shaved.


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