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Epitomised by James Bond what should the sophisticated urban dweller know? Share and ask questions about what bars to frequent, where to dine - where not to, what's new on the fashion scene and what events aren't to be missed.

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Netflix or Lightbox?
posted by peter
24 "Both. There are things I watch on both. If I had to choose one I'd pick Netflix, but I'm glad I don't have to. "
28th April '18, 5:18pm
posted by Onaphobia »
Where do you get your caffeine hit?
posted by Kiwi Gas
36 "Wish they brought back the black V drinks"
6th February '18, 10:26pm
posted by shadowshaded »
Steamed over boiled veges
posted by nzbear
93 "Steamed veges are the best - you get valuable nutrients so better for your health."
1st January '18, 3:24pm
posted by New Member »
Does New Zealand have it's own mens skincare manufacturers?
posted by JasonMantis
15 "I reckon there is a growing market out there for mens stuff that smells manly without being overboard so that fellas can look after themselves better"
1st December '17, 4:22pm
posted by David »
Cocktail: A Walk in the Park
posted by SJPONeill
1 "A long shot but in the early/mid-80s, at the old Coachman Hotel in Christchurch, they used to serve a cocktail called A Walk In The Park. Apparently it was the creation of one of the staff there. All I can remember is that it had Frangelico in it,..."
10th October '17, 8:25am
posted by SJPONeill »
Best weekend escape?
posted by Kiwi Gas
12 "Love a wee road trip to Timaru. It's the perfect balance of having facilities available (like supermarkets and shops) but also a laid back vibe! "
30th August '16, 11:33am
posted by Cray_Cray »
Man Bags
posted by Shaun
52 "Ain't nothing wrong with a man bag - where else are u gonna pack all the things u need on you when you're out. Classic styles & easy to match your clothing basics. I'm keen for vegan/cruelty free versions of bags, cheap enough to buy & huge..."
18th August '16, 7:29pm
posted by Mooner »
posted by Ang Babe
15 "I like Frank. I like it when people are frank so you know exactly where you stand or their point of view. I like Frank's jokes. I like Frank's giveaways. I like articles on Frank's website. Haven't met a girl like Frank. Frank is like a good buddy...."
25th July '16, 2:44pm
posted by David »
Best city for a night out?
posted by TommyTyrant
16 "Christchurch with the rebuild, a huge amount of bars and restaurants are opening, seems to be somewhere new every week. An exciting and vibrant place to be. "
24th July '16, 5:25pm
posted by Lyn »
Drink or drive
posted by nzbear
12 "Particularly with parties that we hold at home, we always make sure there are enough sober drivers to take our guests home, or arrange taxis so no-one need to risk drinking & driving afterwards."
1st May '16, 9:57pm
posted by T »

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