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What's the difference between Kiwi women and Australian women?

No, it's not the start of a joke. I've heard so many comments on how amazing Australian women are compared with Kiwi women. Any guys here have any experience to share?

Errr the quality of their apples and their sexy nasal twang.....

Personally i've found that kiwi girls flow charts have less steps than aussie aussie aussie girls but aussie girls are more 'down to earth' and likely to have less of a chip on their shoulders.
This might be due to wearing alot less on the beach hmmmm not sure on this one, anybody else help here?

Haha! Superb answer, and very diplomatic!


hotter, less of an attitude, friendlier thats about all i can think of at the mo

I've heard that they're so friendly to foreign guys of any denomination because the guys over there treat them like dirt.

Now that could be true... and it could also be true that Californian men are nicer to me because they like my accent (and therefore don't actually listen to what I'm saying....)

That's it, i've decided to continue with french.

Every female seems to wither when thez spek and they have really cool phases and words, like ménage à trois, au naturel, blonde, c'est la vie, crème de la crème, double entendre, femme fatale and sooo many more but perhaps it's the fact that women can't concentrate with the vowels slipping off a 'french tongue'.
Mind you i'm a complete sucker for french a woman.

And then there are our own fair maidens....'awe i'd luv some fish n chops'

Sorry, what was that?

It's Fush ind Chups!

patata, potato.....4x, speights...there's something for everybody at the end of the day, we just get there 4 hours before they do.

You mean 3 hours ahead, plus one hour for the lower IQ?

Just me trying an average weighted time differential spread across population based result on the 4 hr internal Australian time zone....yep see what happens when you drink too much coffee


I can't speak on the topic of Australian women, but I can certainly tell you that, on the whole, American (Californian anyway) men are considerably hotter than kiwi guys. They are in better shape, less sexist and racist, nicer to be around....

What the hell am I doing here??


and in hamilton too the anti you it seems!

tell you where its at - european girls rrrrr :D

Not entirely what you are meaning there.

But European men... *drool* and Hispanic guys... *sigh*....

mean hamilton is prob the most close minded sexist place you could live!

You might be right (though honestly it sounds to me to be a gross and incorrect generalisation), I don't know, because most of the people I talk to are highly educated university lecturers/professors/grad students, and 90% of them are from overseas, generally Europe in my department. Not that these are the sexy Europeans I was referring to, and of course they are all married.

@Jabes, Christchurch would have to run it a close second. Really though Fiona, it's probably time you moved....


Swedish girls would have to be the sexiest, most liberated women I've ever come across. I used to spend a lot of time over there on business when I lived in the UK. Ahhh, sweet memories...

i dunno im pretty convinced with the north of germany at the mo ha.

Haha! Is she reading these posts??

nah she isnt well not that i know of haha

Berlin babes....ohhh yeeah


Aussie girls seem to be a lot more adventorus when it comes to bedtime well at least the girls i went out with any way.Some were a little to kinky for my liking . They seem to like the kiwi accent as well .

lol, if you've got it, use it!

Too kinky? TOO kinky???? Quick! Someone call an ambulance!!


It all comes down to a persons preference I'm not going to knock either group of ladies, even if I am a kiwi women every one has their own tastes when it comes to what they want and tastes are very diverse in most cases as it is with women looking for their ideal man but I can say that for the most part it is fun finding out

see difference seems to me dee, here you look/smile at a girl who is even semi attractive in town /bar/pub and you tend to get a "what the fuck are you looking at" you do the same in oz and you tend to get a "gidday how are ya"

maybe its the lack of competition here or something but more girls tend to have a bit of a chip on their shoulder. So many guys say the same thing. Then Women in their mid 30s start to wonder why all the guys are with foreign girls its because its nice getting treated nicely rather than like a perve for just trying to be friendly

Come on Frank, where's that bloody "Like" button!

Jabes that's the best 'why we should perve (i prefer notice) & get away with it' i've ever read, classic.

Ouch! Jabes every kiwi women is not like that even the semi attractive ones...I have to ask which town/bar/pub do you go too, to get such attention, cause it sounds like you have had some bad run ins.

As a kiwi women I don't have a chip on my shoulder and I found attention from men of any nationality before I found my hunk of burning love great unless it got weird, and some women do find men less appealing if they stare at them for long periods of time, especially if you don't know them, it use to make me uncomfortable but I never swore at them. I'd also have to say that my kiwi girlfriends all have kiwi husbands or partners.

So in saying that there are some good kiwi girls out there and though you mention that Aussie girls are more approachable I have previously lived in Australia for many years and have seen in social settings some responses from them that were less than appealing when men have approached them, so I believe you can get women that are good or bad of any nationality


living in auckland area and going into the city, i could prob find you at least 50 guys with the same story easy. Almost every single guy says the same thing, this isnt even staring this is just walking down the road!

Maybe you should move to Hamilton. Hahahahaha. Just kidding. But I have to say that I, for one, have NEVER reacted the way you describe to any man, and it's not just because I'm generally walking around with my head in the clouds imagining my next screenplay.

Jabes i've figured it out....if you look at a kiwi woman living in NZ you'll probably get the 'wtf you're my cousin look' as opposed to the 'wtf are you looking at' look.

Hahahaha! No two eyes pointing in the same direction!!!

one eye looking at you the other looking for you?


It's a little sad that you're so down on kiwi women. Maybe this explains why I find kiwi men so unfriendly and standoffish. I never had any problem meeting men in LA, or getting along with them, but here..... pffft! You all have this huge chip on your shoulders, yet you are accusing women of the same. I wonder which came first? Perhaps women stepped out of the dark ages, and men didn't really join them straight away, and by the time they started to the women were already a bit pissed off.

Just a theory.

Either way, I'm thinking moving back to the USA might be the best thing for me.

Fiona you will have to forgive us mere males and our tragic sense of humour.

I like to encourage free discussion and any humour there is to be had. It comes from my rowdy family around the dinner table and our sometimes heated and opinionated discussions. It encourages me to know there are people out there with attitude and originality that are willing to step into a 'forum ring' and have a crack.


All I can say from my limited exp(24yrs married to a Kiwi) is Kiwi chicks rule.

24 years is considerable experience, therefore I deem you, Gerry, to be 100% correct! Congratulations!!!

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