Discussing :: WHAT TURNS YOU OFF A WOMAN (dirty habits,other things you hate)??????


Bad breath, B.O. & bad teeth are instant turn offs. Oh and those tight slim jeans you wont throw out, lol.


I'm not a fan of smoking or tattoos. Guess which two things my partner has just gotten in to? Time to upgrade to a newer model.


I don't like tattoos on women either, but for some reason that doesn't stop me from wanting to get one. But I'm far too rational about the process and realise there's pretty much nothing I'm going to want written/drawn on my body 30 years from now. The only thing might be if me and the rest of my film crew all got the same tattoos, like they did on the lord of the rings, (they got a ring, I believe) but with the film I'm making now, Penny Black, there isn't anything that lends itself to being a cool (small) tattoo.


the fake hair


When she starts mentioning the M word during sex..(the M word being marriage! )


one that swears a lot rely turns me off


Fur...and fluff....sticking out in all the wrong places.....you know- like the nose.......




Haha, this is hilarious! I'm going to have to show this to some girlfriends.


Bitchiness... its a womans trait that should be avoided at all costs!!!!!!!!!!


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