Discussing :: WHAT TURNS YOU OFF A WOMAN (dirty habits,other things you hate)??????


.....if shes a friend....probably her neanderthal boyfriend.....lol....just kidding guys....but am I?....lol


Obviously I'm a chick, but I've was told numerous times by my guy mates to stop smoking as it's a turn off and unattractive for guys. Fair to say I listened and better for it.


smokings a pretty big turnoff


lateness never being ready on time for anything


When the girl starts thinking its o.k. to fart in bed, Never ok!


I wont lie, I love dirty women haha i just dislike a women that smokes..not attractive. But then again maybe thats what they want. Just want to be left alone...i can dig it.


Any facial hair, other than eye brows. bad teeth / dental hygiene. Any other unattended body hair.


I like them to shower before bed time even if they did during the day, why is it they think there clean because the smell nice sometimes, if I can do it everyday then so can they. Smoking big turn off and talking like a gangster or constantly swearing nah.... and don't like them hairy either :) brazilians rock




hey, how bout asking 'what turns you off a man'

Let me think about that one, oh I know a penis!!!


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