Discussing :: WHAT TURNS YOU OFF A WOMAN (dirty habits,other things you hate)??????


#1: Gossiping/bad-mouthing/foul language #2: Lack of presentation (clothes,styles,hygiene) #3: Lack of direction (career - even if it is to be a Mum, that's ok, what she wants in/from life)


Not being real..don't want a plastic, TV reality star wannabe.


If they are like Barbies ... blond, stupid, don't know what to do with their live ... being lazy ...


Definetely female smokers, the ones who look like barbie! and that thinks money grows on trees and expect they can get it from there parents without working for it!


Would have to be a gorgous lady yeah baby then she opens her mouth and theres more profanity coming out than a bushman speaks.


I get turned off when i see a attractive women then see them put a cigarette in their mouth !


Chewing with her mouth open. Foul.


A turn off for me is when a woman acts like a lil gangsta


Smoking is gross, I know it's a hard habit to kick, but I managed. If someone's not willing to try then that's weak. Weak is bad, addicts are weak.


No being truthful is a turn off, best to own up for all things


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