Discussing :: WHAT TURNS YOU OFF A WOMAN (dirty habits,other things you hate)??????


WHAT TURNS YOU OFF A WOMAN (dirty habits,other things you hate)??????

I Have to say the trout pout,looks degrading and sl*tty.


When see doesn't text me back or gives me the wrong cell phone number!!


Before you change your ways, you have to be aware of your nasty habits. Eg. Smoking, sniffing, Picking & flicking, spitting while peeing. You must realise what precise habit you wish to eradicate and because these habits can often set you apart, people may judge you for having them. Be willing to change. Everyone who has ever tried to quit smoking knows how hard it can be. So it all come down to You. Only you can kick a bad habit if: 1. you are aware of it & 2. if you yourself want to make the change. I'm sure your wife or partner will keep you up to date on any progress you make.

Spitting while peeing. Is that common?

Sorry the top part is about guys (bit rushed and had to go to work) and missed adding the second part about woman. No haven't come across a woman spitting & peeing at the same time, but l guess there is always a first for everything, lol.

A woman's biggest turn offs are: being irrational, bitchiness, fighting dirty & gossiping.
So there we have it, who's the worse? Nobody is perfect.

....lol...spitting while peeing...who is this guy?....lol....I think their must be meds for that.....

LOL - I've never heard a guy spitting while peeing, but I did see the new Asian guy across the street standing at the drain in the gutter blowing his nose (into the drain) for about 5 minutes this morning. Gross! What is up with that??


My girlfriend when she starts drinking beer can burp really long and loud, women say it's "YUK!!!" while men go "WOW!!!" while I treat it as a mating call and know I'm going to give her 2 minutes of loving!

What is it you like about a woman burping? I LOATHE it. Like you can almost feel the vibrations in your own chest. But I'm interested to know why you like it.


girly girls that won't stop playing with their hair, drives me nuts


Dirty fingernails or toe nails (how hard is it to clean under them) are a right turn off. As is a potty mouth, lack of personal hygiene, a whingy attitude and gossipping to mates about our private sex life. Unfortunately one lady i once dated had the misfortune to own all these traits. Hence my ring was saved for someone more appealing.


bad attitude...acting like a diva all the time. bad breathe, odour and manners.


When they neglect to help out around the place when they stay over for awhile.


Moustaches and B'O can be abit of a put off. Unhealthy Habits... Like when i find out that she wipes back to front, haha. But dirty isn't always a bad thing ;)

Like a Golden Shower wont get you clean? Te he he ewwwwwwwwww no thats grotty!


oh i get real turned off by a women that is smart , attractive , can cook , clean , smart , polite , smells good ohhhh that type of women just sicken me.


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