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What men want

Apart from beer, real men like bootylicious!


Haha! And that about sums it up!

I was going to get all serious there for a moment and try to define exactly what it is that I want. Then I crumbled a little and admitted to myself that beer and women was pretty close.
Honestly, if they stand round my grave when I'm gone and say "he was a nice guy" that'll do me.


waves far more important than woman or beer!


Food, booze & sex. That's about all they seem to want.

Come on now, thats not fair. I still want to be able to open a bottle of beer with a womans bra clasp.


Okay, "real men like bootylicious!".... what does that even mean?

perhaps it means - cant be screwed going on a diet/exercising so im going to say guys like extra curvy girls?

haha ah im going to get flamed for that!

Now now, be nice. He might only be 12 years old.


This from Urban Dictionary: bootylicious boo.ty.li.cious \'bu:t-e-'lish-*s\ aj. (modif. of MF butin, fr. MLG bu-te exchange) 1: curvaceous or voluptuous, esp. in the derriere (i.e., booty) 2: see fine 3: sexually attractive in a way that causes males ages 18-25 to desire to grope, fondle, lick, or otherwise touch the booty cheeks 1a: Yo, g, yo bitch is bootylicious! Her ass is off da hook. 1b: Janet Reno is so bootylicious. 2: D-d-damn, that is one bootylicious sista! 3: Holy coconuts, Batman! Catwoman is so bootlicious, I want to lick her curvaceous derriere. Just for you Fiona, I know how much you like to receive long condescending definitions and links to suggested reading... Try these: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=bootylicious and this, for the hell of it... http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=annoying%20women

im from chelsey side... and i had to make a log in for get frank just to lol at this post!!!!!

that sums it up in so many words. thank you

....men usually want what they can usually never get.....and if they do happen to get it they end up being dicks about it and loose what they have.....

Men want a loving honest woman, kids & Big BBQ. Now thats the honest truth!

...I thought men just wanted beer and bootilicious!!!......c'mon make up your minds....


And at the risk of being accused of (inverse?) racism, I think that white people using this word sound ridiculous. I imagine them to look somewhat like Vanilla Ice. Is this wrong?

i think anyone using it over here is ridiculous unless they grew up in harlem or some other bronx type place in the states

Now now, be nice. He might only be 12 years old.

And yes, I very much enjoy long winded condescending 300 word essay type responses to my short witty posts so thanks for that Jason. It was wonderful. Maybe next time you could add a picture, something big, maybe even something that turns the stomachs of everyone in the forum. And perhaps a thinly veiled dig at me, or someone else, (I'm not picky), or an insult in the form of a poor joke. Your call.

Heh, I'll pass, I think you already have someone that fits that description!

it has to be a picture filled with many pictures....

heeheehee. (I would have 'liked' this but, you know... I can't)

yer it might send the wrong message!


When I get home after work all I want is three things: Feed me, f**k me, shut the f**k up!

And I'd be willing to bet that you rarely if ever get all three!

Jason, if I can get any 2 out of 3 it's a good night!

I suspect who ever is waiting for you at home, hopes for the latter.....cause she has already been given the first two by your neighbour....lol

Haha! NOICE!


For me it is someone who is hot looking and is a terrific cook!!!


I LOVES this forum!! It makes me so glad to be single!!!

cause then you can spend more time with cool people like us?

Sorry, I forgot to use the sarcasm font.

But now that you mention it, yes Jabes, so I can spend more time with you guys.


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