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What makes a woman sexy?

Is it the way she walks? Her eyes? Legs? Is it even something physical or or is it more undefined, ethereal?

I think what makes a women sexy is zest for life, a willingness to have fun, to be your friend, lover and partner.


Yes. Yes. Yes. And probably Yes and yes. Though I'll take a shot at the last one, often what attracts you to someone is familiarity, not consciously thinking 'Oh she's hot she reminds me of my Mom', ew! But the brain is attracted to things that are familiar, and people fall into this category, looks, speech, who knows. I'll be interested to hear responses from actual guys (rather than a part-time honorary one - that being me). I've been told I have a distinctive walk (from a woman) and that's not just when I'm doing the run way thing because I find myself walking down a hallway alone and, really, who can resist?


that certain look in the eye i reckon


......after all my years I've never figured out why a beautiful woman is not always attractive...she remains beautiful on a physical level but what trips the switch remains a mystery.


The way she carries herself....confidence, personality and passion.....she can walk into a room and everyone turns to look that's sexy.....

God, you sound like an ad for the latest whiskey RTD for chicks!!!

I've never been an RTD chick...but then I'm not really like most chicks :-)

Hmm... I'll take your word for it!


Tell her she has a sexy walk, sexy smile, sexy eyes & legs that go all the way up and l think you are in.


Oh dear- me thinks you've been watching way too many chick flicks and rom-coms....maybe it's the way she shakes her tail.......or sheds her fluff. Enough of this...you are keeping me up.....perchance to dream.


Definitely, maybe. Why do "Pretty Women" date ugly men, because the man would rather cut his own arm with a rusty chainsaw then ever look at another woman again. Don't you believe the movies?

And there was me thinking it was because of they had enormous...... piles of cash.


I'll just sum it up for everyone beautiful woman= Jessica Alba, natural and petite would most guys agree? =) she's alluring for sure.


Natural and petite? Hmm, well that would rule out Brigitte Nielsen, at 6'4", in her day she was stunningly sexy. Sorry if I could't think of a more modern amazonian, unnatural woman to use as an example. All you guys younger than 35... erm... tough.

Gisele B√ľndchen? Apparently she's the highest-paid model in the world (since 2004) and the sixteenth richest woman in the entertainment industry. Whatevs, I used to to trapeze with her and never thought she was amazing.

A pic please? Yes I'm lazy...

Sorry, so am I.


Well I wouldn't throw her out of bed....
My girlfriend might though.

Yeah, but wikipedia her (can't add the link cos it's got one of those strange characters in her name) and you'll see more pics, plainer pics, and that's closer to what she actually looked like when she turned up at trapeze. Close, but not exact. Anyone can look good made up, and touched up. Well, not 'anyone'...

She reminds me of a clothes pen. "I'll put out the washing dear".

Clothes pen?

A clothes pen is something you use for writing your kids name on their clothing so it doesn't get lost at school.

I don't see it either...

Perhaps it was peg... although her legs look far from being clamped together...

I bet should could still crack a few walnuts though.

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