Discussing :: What is your definition of love?


What is your definition of love?

I can't remember who told me this but I've hijacked it as my own: Love is being inspired to nurture the spiritual wellbeing of another. Any others? I'm looking for some inspiration for some poetry....


The delicious entwined ecstasy of mutual soul commingling..........hmmm i've got to stay away from old gold chocolate


i dunno i find it changes all the time


I don't think love can be defined as anyone thing. Poets, writers, men and women have spent centuries trying to define love. There definitions/thoughts are all right for them but each person is different, so some might not make sense for you. Most people know what love is but cant define it but you know when you are in it.


LOVE is simply undefined, it is a feeling that was inborn with us all, human being.. it is something that makes us feel we are totally different with any other creatures... it is what makes us happy and sad, what makes us motivated and despair, it is what makes us connected to others.. it is simply what makes the world go round and round... Lets make LOVE not war... LOVE one another people!


Personally I dont like the word Love. I prefer Like. Love to me is to be Passionate about somthing or someone which can only be a temporay feeling. So whats sounds best: I would love to win that bottle of Tequila, or I'd like to win that bottle of Tequila. To put it another way once I've drunk the tequila i cant love it anymore as its gone. But I can say i liked that tequila wheres another bottle. Man thats too deep for me atm. Just give me the tequila. now thats lust a form of love. That bottle of tequila is attractive which developes out of lust, then one could bond with it till its all gone the tequila i mean not the bottle. So tempory. shutup and post thank you for listening/reading.

You're right with the word 'like', but don't give up on the word 'love' as it's just 'like' taken to its full and complete level. Passion and lust are not love. And sex, although intimate, is definitely not love. You can passionately 'hate' someone, and lust for, and have sex with, someone you don't even know. These are just expressions of the flesh, whereas love comes from the heart. Your love for Tequila may also just be an addiction. Another fleshly quality.


Thank you Grant, you have indeed helped me with my poetry inspiration!


Yeah, that's good. Beautiful even. And totally follows on from what you wrote Jas "Love is being inspired to nurture the spiritual well-being of another." Or should that be 'like'...


There is a young man named Grant, Who tries to say "Love" but can't, When dating the girlies, Drinks Tequila then hurlies, I'm sure he'll end up an old aunt...

*rolls eyes*

Come on then.... your turn!

Yeah, um, I don't really do poetry.

haha lol


when you let her have the last slice of pizza

Shit I thought that just meant I was full!


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