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What a man wants in a woman?

Back when I was attracted to the wrong guys my friend sent me a list of the things she looks for in a man. It's not exactly the same as my list, but it got me thinking. 1. Career –even if not wealthy, must be far enough along to be making it. 2. Home - should own his own home or condo 3. Single - I don’t mind if they have kids but he MUST be truly divorced from his wife and not in another or other multiple relationships. Those are the big NON-negotiable three. The others which I find very important: 4. Taller than me 5. Very bright 6. Socially skilled 7. Variety of interests 8. Must like kids and pets So what do men want? What is on your list of non-negotiable and important things you look for in a partner?

Non Negotiable:
Single, obviously;
Intelligent - I love a good debate;
Women might put career and house before looks, but I wouldn't mind so much about the first two. She'd have to be hot. In my eyes anyway...


Boobs: It'd be nice to have something to play with when the talking stopped, but there's always xbox.

Boobs? I have em.

But then I also have an xBox.

At this point I'm really not understanding why I'm single.

This is why guys don't have boobs. When given the choice of boobs or xbox to play with, the poor male mind would surely explode...


boobs. . . hmm but seriously my list would be very smart i don't mind a bit blonde but stupidity infuriates me cute to me have own interests and life loves animals keen to live life and experience the world. hmm prob more but those are prob the main things ill focus on

Seriously? Are boobs really that important to guys? I feel it's like me saying "Well, I would date him but I'm not keen on the way he hangs".

Which I may have thought, but I certainly wouldn't say it out loud.

I agree with all your other points, esp the last. Nothing more than someone who wants to settle for the status quo, and watch Cricket test matches. All week. At 2am.

i was just joking really about the boobs.

Yeah the last one is even more than that to me like the whole settle down work for 40-60 hours a week to "get ahead" buy a house, buy a flash car, get married have kids ignore wife and kids to make more money.

then retire and live out the rest of your life wondering where it went.

Well in that case, you're just like us. Except we're saying it out loud.
I'm kidding of course. My ex's boobs weren't, but anything more than a mouthful is a waste as they say...


if it will be a long-term relationship, like forever, i'd go for someone who has good moral values. you cannot go wrong with someone who has strong faith.

Kinda depends on their faith, and what they believe, and why. I agree with good morals, though.


yeah someone with good morals still can be crazy!

Although he does have a point. I've had some experience of "crazy" women, and it tends to come together with low morals.

I agree with Jabes on this one. If not, how do you explain crazy religious fanatics?


its that old triangle thing tho isnt it with women sane hot single pick any 2

However I don't agree with this one. I know at least one woman who is all three.

At the moment I can't actually think of two, but I'm sure I will, given time. And it's only because all my friends are in relationships!

Or crazy.


exactly the girl im with is the 1st 2 ;)

Good for you!! Don't let her go. It only gets harder as you get older.

Finding a straight, hot, and single guy in his 30s (ish) is practically impossible. I just figure I'll wait a few more years til they all start breaking up and I'll be set!


haha she is going back home in 5/6months so dont have much choice about letting go haha and i totally relate to the age thing as took me a long while to find anyone decent, she is 10years younger tho!

There's always a choice. I followed my ex halfway around the world. Which didn't work out, obviously... (I was 10 years younger...)

And I had a boyfriend follow me half way around the world... which also didn't work out.

Yeah, might be better to stay put.


yeah we are only 2 weeks into it so who know i figure will wait and see howit goes if its meant to be it will be if not then it wont and that will be fine too as the dalai lama said sometimes not getting what we want is the best stroke of luck. but so far so good just had a fun evening up north head till i got freaked out by ghost feelings haha :D

Yeah, might be a bit soon to book your tickets...

"ghost feelings"??


yeah i try to follow my instincts in stuff, maybe its the maori in me but some places freak me out they just dont feel right. North head was fine but then when we stopped i just felt something watching us and felt pretty malevolent too. So left then driving out of devonport a couple of the old buildings were the same just could feel eyes in them watching me. brrr giving me chills even now talking about it haha

I would get the same feeling walking around LA at night. But I never felt it was ghosts. I pretty much imagined it was a gunman, a serial killer, or a rapist...

Or all three rolled into one, it was LA after all.


yeah this is just some places even where i live there is one cave i cant walk into the others are all fine but this one just puts the hackles up for some reason!


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