Discussing :: Weddings - who are they really for?


Waste of money is a big wedding if you ask me... nothing wrong with a beach or garden wedding


We are approaching our 40th wedding anniversary in couple of months, we had a small wedding in an a small church and reception at smaller house!
Weddings are individual as the couple, you don't need a lot off money to celebrate it, the best one apart from ours was at a reserve, with bbq's set up, lots of beach toys and games, music and bubbles,
Everyone took their own food and drink, and a $5 voucher fRom the supermarket as the couple had lived together. it went from 11am till 11pm ,I still believe in marriage and to me it is the most important day of the year, i just love it.

type house


Weddings are for you and your partner - not everyone/man and his dog! Just plan and arrange things & be surrounded by the ones you love.


It's to keep the in-laws and your parents happy, oh and maybe to scoop up a few presents along the way!


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