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Maybe due to tradition it's to make an honest woman of her before you get her pregnant


We got engaged, then set a date for our wedding 3 months after that much to our parent's horror (they thought they'd be paying and arranging it). We'd saved and paid for it ourselves so that whatever we chose to do, was our choice..not anyone elses. The wedding day should be about the bride & groom, but then...if you expect your parents or future in-laws to cough up for it..I think you would have to include them. We kept it simple, but nice and everyone had a great day, especially us as we did exactly how we wanted it.


I love the Rarotonga idea-then you eliminate the worry of who to invite and who gets missed out. Invite everyone and they have to pay their own way. If they really want to go they will find the money. If anyone really special i.e. Great Grandma just isn't up to the trip have a nice morning tea for the oldies when you get back. I agree about alcoholics ruining the wedding-it's happened within my own family and it's not pretty.


Have a look at some of the all-inclusive deals for weddings



Man, how can you resist? I want to get married just so I can have a wedding on a tropical island!! :D


Well they are for everybody invited. Cost wise, if you're not so up about price they don't have to be that expensive. I saw one in a band rotunda at the park. BYO food and drink! What makes it is the people. Nice!


Well i think i nice quiet one with a few family and friends is all you need.It just gets to big and more money and stress.At the end of the day its a piece of paper name change and a ring if you are not committed before getting married its not going to change after getting married.


my son will be getting married probably next year, and they will have to pay for it themselves,we will contribute any way we can ,but unfortunately we dont have that kind of spare cash, for such an expensive event, they just want a simple but nice wedding, good food is something they both want at their wedding, there probably wont be fancy speeches or any of that kind of thing, it will be informal, relaxed and fun for all, which is what weddings should be, so much stress involved,when really it can be avoided, however it is their special day to do as they please, if you want a big event which cost a fortune so be it, but my son would rather put the money on his mortgage, which makes real good common sense to me


Best idea for a wedding....plan to have it in Fiji or Rarotonga then send out invites to everyone, including Great Aunty Ethel, and I guarantee that only those closest to you will fork out the money to go along with you!! Once you get home have a BYO party to celebrate with those who couldn't make it!


When I was younger my father said if I ever wanted to get married he'd give me $5000.00 in cash and buy me a ladder to elope! I assume he was kidding.......!!!!! ????


You can have a very selective ceremony and then just travel around visiting friends and distant family as part of a meet and greet later on.

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