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Weddings - who are they really for?

Hey I am recently engaged and we are discussing Wedding options. Very quickly the $$ starts to stack up and we both start to get the feeling that eloping to Vegas or somewhere would be the best idea. Unfortunately my parents are not keen on that idea and see it as very selfish... I have also heard many stories re parents getting far too involved in plans and certain aspects of the day. Has anyone worked out a good way to get around this!? multiple events to accomodate all?


Hmm, it would be very expensive to get married in Vegas. Or are you talking about a honeymoon? Traditionally, the cost of the wedding is divided between each set of parents isn't it, so they wouldn't want to be inundated with large travel bills. You could always ask the guests to contribute a donation for travel as a wedding gift. Surely everybody should work together to make the event become the dream of the bride and groom, the parents should respect their wishes and not take things overboard or go in their own direction.


It's for the couple. It's for the parents. It's for friends. It's mostly for the Bride. She has been planning this since she was a little girl. But it's best to keep your feet on the ground and be realistic. There are many ways to keep the costs down, and still have a wonderful and memorable time. I very much appreciated the contribution of one of the groomsmen, at the last wedding we went to. He provided the Venison.


Families, friends and freeloaders if you ask me. We made a decision to elope to Vegas. Best decision we have ever made. No stress at all.


Don't mention the word wedding when looking for venues etc the price triples.


I reckon have the wedding at some all-inclusive resort somewhere nice. Invite whomever you want, they can come (at their own expense, so no gifts) or not. You'll probably just end up with your closest friends and family, but that's cool. I went to a place in Jamaica that took care of EVERYTHING for a wedding. Well, maybe not the gown, that seems unlikely.... But it looked like the most awesome stress-free way to get married. And that takes care of your honeymoon too. Voila! You're welcome! Let us know how it goes :D


Too many times not for the bride and groom. Much pontificating by the in-laws and one-upmanship pervades the entire ceremony from planning to execution. The pressure to put on a good show overwhelms the participants and drains the finances of aging parents and the young couple as well. So there......


Its you and yor partners day - no one esles! Stand your ground, plan and budget for what you can. Minimise the parent influence on the wedding, give them stuff to do, but dont cut them out.


Sorry Weddings are a waste of money (unless you have the cash to waste). My mate spent 25 grand on his to keep his Mrs happy and it took him 5 years to pay it off.He invited alot of people he hadn't seen for a while and has never seen since. He just wanted a small wedding with close friends and family.


Is it just me or weddings getting old-fashioned? I mean it's just a piece of paper after all.


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