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Ways to improve love & relationships

Do the wonder intimacy exercise. Say something positive—anything at all. Do you know happy couples have a ratio of five positive comments to each negative comment. :-)


open and honest communication is a great start.....


Always buy the partner things he wants...............


A good relationship should not need promises, vows and conditions to make it work. We should not be sacrificing all our individual needs to strengthen a relationship either. The bond you have together should be of trust, open communication, understanding and sharing, it should also come naturally. Only true unselfish love between two people will last the test of time. Both parties have needs, so you both need to come up with a solution to achieve this. Don't be selfish, it should never be one sided and make time to listen closely and calmly to what your partner has to say. Above all hold onto a good relationship tightly as the next maybe a disappointment in comparison.


Best advice: Say "NO" when she asks "does this make my bum look big".


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Is this Spam? Looks suspect!

True happiness comes from within, not from someone else. Don’t make the mistake of waiting on someone or something to come along and make you happy.

a Doctor Lawrence Spell Temple with a hotmail email address that is just too legit.....lol


True happiness is in ones mind, happiness doesn’t depend upon who you are or what you have or what car you drive. Those with positive thoughts and a good relationship with their partner are the happiest people in this world.


Now THIS sounds like spam !! Or @ least sappy. Don't forget a good home theatre.

Sorry maybe l should have said "Life is tough, love is tougher, so toughen up!"


On anniversaries and birthday's the wise husband always forgets the past, but never the present.


Be nice, don't say anything you cannot take back...always remember birthdays and Christmas presents, don't sweat the small stuff, have an open heart..........gee, the list goes on......just pretend to listen even if your not! Don't project your expectations, just chill...and have great sex.


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