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Those who are engaged are the most stressed - new survey

Recently-published Australian research has found that those who are engaged to be married suffer the highest incidence of stress (40.3%). Their stress levels outstrip those who are separated (30%) or divorced (29.2%). By comparison, only 23.9% of singles report experiencing stress in the last 12 months. What does this say about marriage, and the dwindling number of couples who choose to enter into matrimony? Well there is hope for you married couples. Apparently the research found that only 19.7% of married couples experienced stress in the last 12 months compared to 30.5% of De Facto couples. Seems like when the ceremony's over and the rellies have all gone home, life gets a whole lot more cruisy.


Not surprised by the results. There's just so much to worry during your engagement!


wow i would of surely thought married would of been higher.

Me, too. It certainly was for me....


no kiddin, think about the financial necklaces when it comes to being engaged...student loan, car, house, wedding....bills galore..no stress there


....hmmm not to sure about this one....I like to know how they came to those results, how many people where surveyed etc.....everyday life is stressful and I don't think you have to put a label on it....if you do I would call it just life!.....part in parcel of living it.....

That's a good point. Too often we read stats and take them as gospel. I'm sure this changes a lot between countries, age groups, etc, too.

...definitely...with stats their are a lot of variables that come into play not just the final result we see, me personally I like to know how it was carried out, who was involved, why, under what circumstances in what type of environment etc....hey thats just me....but I really don't take stats to heart until I know enough details about it....


So then why we do have more and more 5 year engagements. Best get the show on the road, have the wedding plans in place then get engaged.

Good point LuckyOne - I cannot see the point in a five year engagement personally. It's probably a sign of barely-concealed uncertainty.


I can believe those figures. I researched everything and was really prepared for everything with my wedding, but still had my Bridezilla moments. Mostly because of the cost of everything!! ....and the word 'Wedding' onto something and it doubles the price. Trying to juggle what you want and what you can actually afford is really difficult. But in the end, it was the best day of my life and have never regretted anything.


Why put yourselves through all that stress and spend enough money for a deposit on a house. If all that planning is causing stress have a small wedding and take heaps of photos. It's about the couple not how many people are invited or how much you spend.


Totally agree. Big weddings take so much time to plan, stress, money, arguments over little things like colours of cards etc. We eloped to Vegas. Best decision ever.


Definitely not, I've become so much more relaxed about my relationship. I'm not into having a big wedding at all, I like things nice and simple.

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