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This weekend my wife and I are celebrating our Wedding Anniversary with a trip to one of the Hauraki Gulf Islands with, hopefully, Bluff oysters at hand and a bottle of New Zealand methode champenoise = not only are we keeping it local, I'll again be professing my daily love for her! (PS: A pass to the movie 'X+Y' would certainly add to the sense of occasion upon our return – Cheers).


Yes and tell him each and every day...you don't know when your time is up! :) x


We are also in the routine of telling each other 'I love you' mostly twice a day, but every once in a while, I tell her why I love her so much, giving some detail so that the normal 'I love you' takes a significant meaning again - 'you are so wonderful with the kids', 'how stunning does that dress look on you!', 'all the little things you do makes me feel I married the best person in the world!'... etc.
Obviously saying this while she is not expecting it, adds so much more brownie points! :)


Yes a great idea but have to be careful that it has meaning and thought behind it, and not lost with the daily routine of activities. You never know what may happen during the day, and you wish 'If only I had said .... this morning to her !!"


Good habit for anyone and everyone


Probably why my relationships haven't gone the distance so I'll have to try this one next time


Long as you mean it and it's not just out of habit ,yes my hubby and I do nearly everyday ,but yes I agree with Nic ,actions speak louder than words ,showing them is more meaningful than three little words ,and I am celebrating 24 years of marriage in a weeks time .


Yeah - sometimes if you say it too much it loses the meaning


Only if you reeeeeely mean it. And if she's a woman....


Three small words which make a great difference.


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