Discussing :: Tell her you Love her every day


Be sure to spice things up every so often.


Yep agree but i something nice rather than say the words


Me and mine say it whenever we part (and always a kiss to go with it), whether its just to the dairy or what and before sleep every night. We argue and fight ( sometimes quite bad) and there absolutely have been times when it has felt forced or fake and like we say it just because its our "thing", but those have been the times when it has been necessary to put in the extra work in other parts of the relationship which were obviously failing. We are only 30, have been together for over ten years and have three beautiful children together. One day we hope to get married but until then.... I love you every day seems to have its benefits.


We have been married 15 years. I tell my wife I love her every day (and kids as well). Family is very important and everyone wants to feel loved.


i think she already knows that you love her. i would recommend silence speaks more than words also when you look at her eyes that is clear indication your deep love for her.


Totally agree, don't let ugly cynicism sour the love.


I make sure I tell the kids everyday and hubby most days ha ha.


After watching the disasters around the world, reading the latest accident resulting in fatalities, I make sure I try to enjoy all the moments with my husband and kids. You never know when they won't return through that door so make sure the love you show is genuine. I tell them, hug them, kiss them, spend time listening and loving. An old crow once told me "If you have a good husband love him in the morning, in the evening and even at lunchtime if he comes home" - a bit too much 3 times a day don't you think?


There is a balance. I tell her too much I think. She says it when she means it. Probably the best option


Agree with needing a balance, shouldn't say it too much or too little. Don't always need to say I love you to get the same message across either.


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