Discussing :: Tell her you Love her every day


It's a great habit to get into, and the more you say it, the more you realize how much you do mean it.
If you aren't in the habit, it will feel strange at first, and it may not even sound right, but it will.
Thoughts, words and actions follow each other and reinforce each other.


....and the day you forget or introduce an air of flippancy all hell will break loose.


This is how it should be! Its nice to mix it up though and tell here via email/txt maybe with a little gift (or big one)


I get bought a bottle of water from the service station when he fills the car. Such a simple thing but shows he was thinking of me. Awwwwwwww.........


My new partner said that she didn't particularly like me saying it everyday. I told her that no one I cared for could ever wonder if they were loved. I tell her and my kids every day.


This is an interesting Thread and it certainly shows how couples are all different which is great! I try to let my wife know that I love her by telling her I love her every day either vocally or via text. I know she likes to hear this important message as she will occasionally remind me when I haven't said it! As an aside, I never once heard my father saying anything along these lines to my mother and I have always wondered how she must have felt. Love is life!


I'm in two minds about this. One one hand saying "I love you" daily, sounds wonderfully romantic, right? But for me right now, I'd rather say it when I mean it, and then show it the rest of the time. And that may change, but right now, it would be what I would want to do in a relationship. Is there a difference between a quick 'love ya' and a "I love you"? Does one of those have a heck of a lot more meaning? I'd want to say it face to face, rather than over the phone as well.


Definitely a difference for me. A 'love ya' is kind of an automatic 'reflex' phrase to me. Still nice, but casual and could be used with anyone really. Someone at work who brought you a coffee at the right time...'ooh, love ya!'. I love you to me seems more meaningful In a deeper way. That it has been thought about and you know what? I. Love. You. But i'll take both!


she says it drives her mad :(


I think if its said too often, and can loose meaning a little bit. Personally i like to hear it less often, but be shown more often :)


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