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Better a gesture a knowing look or a subtle touch.


work that love for beer money :P


Totally tell your partner every day that you love them, no matter where in the world you are. You feel fantastic and so do they!


Try starting the day with "Good Morning, Beautiful" Every woman wants to hear that :)


A woman loves to be reminded she is special. I am sure it would be the same the other way around as well. It is so easy to take someone for granted without even meaning to and those three little words can mean so much.

It's true, too many people take their partners for granted, and that's when they start to look for appreciation elsewhere...


It works on me


Its important, just like telling your kids. What if it was the last day you had with them.

That's how I look at it, especially with my daughter. But I try to apply it to all my relationships with friends and family, you never know what could be lurking just around the corner.

I was just thinking the other day, about making videos for my girls for when they are older, in case anything should happen to me (I was travelling for work), but it just seemed a little morbid. But since I'm the only parent they have losing me would be pretty traumatic, can't decide if a message from the grave would be comforting, or just more distressing...


Saying nice things, touch & biting your tongue when it most matters goes along way (It's hard to take back something said in the heat of the moment). You don't need to tell someone you love them every day as long as they know it


Certainly telling her is great - but always remember actions speak more loudly than words - you can say it but show it too


I find she gets hacked off with me and says I say it too often... can't win hey ;)

lol maybe you should start complementing her and then you will win just a thought.....every women likes to know she is being thought of in a loving way and even more so if it is expressed to her even if they don't respond to it they are loving it in the inside......and that can only mean bonus points for you

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