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Tell her you Love her every day

You should tell her you love her everyday and mean it !!! IT WORKS FOR ME

Apart from that, you never know when you will see them next xx


Your mother? lol
That's a some good advice if you've got a partner though. Keep the relationship alive and fresh everyday!


True good advice


My husband and I tell each other that we love one another everyday before work and every night before we go to sleep without fail. We find it really helps to remind us how lucky we are to have each other.


Bit tricky I think - good habit, yes. But could it just become a ritual which has little feeling? Maybe.



Yes, and mean it cause you just dont know what is around the corner, and as you leave in the morning you want that lasting thought in her mind for that day, and forever.


Ah, I don't know about that. I've been married 27 years and now more in love that we were at the start. We say it but only on occasion and it really means something. Not saying yours doesn't but for us it might suffer from over exposure.

I do think that if you say it all the time it waters it down. Some people say it all the time without thinking about it at all, like they are conditioned to say it. I do love my partner and tell her this. I'm more likely to let her know with gestures rather than saying it very often. Actions speak louder than words right?


Im lucky in love my husband tells me all the time he loves me i have been blessed


Me and my partner tell each other we love each other when we go to bed and before work.


You shouldn't have to say it though?
I agree that women do like hearing the words as often as possible but shouldn't you show it rather than merely say it?
One of my friends and her boyfriend never say it and have never said it.But they have talked about it and they both just know each other's feels and don't feel the need to say it.
I'm not that extreme I just think it doesn't HAVE to be said.

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