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Showing support for your partner

How many times have i been in social situations where one person in a partnership believes that it is funny or appropriate to undermine their partner in front of others with put downs. ("she can't drive, he could't cook if he tried, he's lazy, she is takes hours to get ready and still looks crap) This pisses me off to the max. Partners have each other backs. They encourage support and nurture. If your partner does this tell them it's not funny they are dicks and need to sort their crap out. It's ugly.

yea it always happens usually as a joke, but if you have a partner who doesnt take it too seriously and knows it is just taking the piss, then it shouldn't really matter it depends on the situation though, cause in some situations its not appropriate


Partners should never put down the other half in company or not, it always stings.


I see this all the time. why do it? question i will never know coz if my partner did that i would take it as a joke but only if she said it privately not in public


Belittling, put downs are not a sign of healthy relationships, there a time to joke but when one takes it a bit further in front of friend etc that is not cool, its hurtful and demeaning, communication and support for both is whats needed, this behaviour should not be tolerated!!


I'm a strong believer in this. A pity it hasn't always happened with my partners and friends. But you find out where you stand with them when you experience it.


Always shown your support, its better in the lng run and you will get praise for it & makes you feel on top of the world


Couldn't agree more with what the thread originator is saying...married or not, if you are serious about the relationship (and for more than just convenience) and care about each other then random sniping at each other is just pointless and undermines everything you are trying to do together. If one or the other or maybe both feel that they get some sort of satisfaction for this sort of thing or that it fills some sort of need then both people need to look at sorting it out, possibly through some outside assistance but certainly but talking about it. It MAY be that the sniping partner doesn't actually get the damage that they are doing or they MAY think it's OK because they have been on the receiving end of it in this or another relationship or maybe even at work...if you can't do this then you might as well toss it in now before things get really messy...


It's bad habit, best to be loving !!!


It is not appropriate. Both should be treated as equals. If it is all in good fine then fine and you will know the difference between a joke between each other and being mean. Be cool with each other, have each others back, keep the peace!!!


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