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...okay last week dear I say it...I got bored with the forums in Frank so I thought I would go and take a squizz at Chelsey to see if there were any life changing topics to comment on...as a girl I thought I'd better look interested in posting there to balance my quota in here anyway to my surprise I found a number of interesting threads besides the standard fashion, make up etc, stuff. I especially came across a thread about cum....yes I said it cum....which put a smile on my face lol...anyway after reading every one's post and dishing my few as well....I thought I would ask you mere males.....a question that continues on from that thread...I hope I will get constructive responses.... The question is....why is it that guys....love it when a women gives them a BJ but some won't return the favour to the point of out and out refusal? and they will talk to their friends about their sex life....I find that interesting considering what most of us females will do in regard to a BJ....I can understand if the female doesn't like a man going down on her but if a female loves it and gives her man regular BJ's then why not? I no one of the obvious reasons is hygiene but if that is not the problem then what is......considering you stick your bits in there anyway....or are you just wanting to satisfy your needs and not hers.....I am really curious to know the answer.....I asked my partner and he said most guys have no problems with returning the favour....but the percentage who don't are idiots, because that is the magic spot, where everything is controlled......lol his words (blushing).... So what do you think?

Interesting question...guessing here, but could be that there are givers and takers in this world and that applies to everything....or maybe it's a power play within the relationship eg. he's not getting something else in the relationship and figures that's a good one to hold back on?


yeah i have no issue with it what so ever quite like getting her off all the more. Funny thing is tho i really dont get off on bjs


Mere males???? Ok I'll pretend I didn't hear that. Just this once, ok? Well, personally I spend a fair amount of my leisure time down there. I've always maintained that whoever designed guys got it wrong, the tongue should have been placed a couple of cm above the penis. I love the control it asserts over the woman, any guy that doesn't like it is missing out on the ultimate act of playing the woman like a musical instrument.... heh.


Might be a phobia or something like that. though if you will do it for him, then he should get over it for you IMO.

Maybe it's more a fear. God knows it's hard enough to get right...

@Jason practice practice practice


I always figured that the sexual frenzy that tends to overtake you will wipe away your (our) (my) fears and inhibitions......lets face it....as a male, we (I) spend a lot of time thinking about it, wishing it, hoping for it....when you actually get it then that's not the time to not step up to the plate.....cunnilingus is one of lifes wonders. Fellatio- I'll leave that for the girls to decide.

I totally agree with you in the moment there's no time for guidelines you just drop all inhibitions and go for it if both mutually agree to cunnilingus and fellatio then why not

Simple solution here: Half time blow the whistle (sorry), you can either change ends or change players. No excuses

Ha! Change players? I'd imagine there's be some complaints.

...depends on who the players are I suppose.....swingers much?....

I’m sorry you never worked out the simple puzzle, you are both reading too deeply between the lines. l will explain in more detail:
If you do your bit in the sack and then don’t get the same satisfaction in return, then he is straight out selfish. You need to find another man that is up to the task and does let us males down for goodness sake. Most guys would hate to lose another chick to the other side of the ditch (dyke), l remember 1000 blokes cried themselves to sleep when a recent celebrate jumped over, that’s Fair Go. I’m sure you would have no trouble FILLING the vacancy if you made it known.
As the Speight's advert says, it’s hard to find to perfect woman & l guess it’s equally hard to find the perfect man. If you were to let the problem linger on, it will be eroding your relationship if you can’t talk about it and resolve the issue.
A Song comes to mind: Rolling Stones - I can’t get no satisfaction (bet that song get stuck in your head for rest of the night)

This picture does points out a valid point......lol

....I'd prefer this one....lol


Steamy subject, l'm breaking out in a sweat. How did life ever get started? Oh yeah, sow your wild oats on Saturday night, then on Sundays pray for crop failure.


sowing and crop failure that's brill, not so sure about those kids ages though....


Girl or Boy, how to achieve them: Three women were at the doctor's office for the second trimester check up. The first woman, a brunette, said that she was sure that she would have a girl because when she made love to her husband, she was on top! The second affirmed with certainty that she would have a boy, because she was on bottom. The blonde grabbed her head between her hands. "Oh, crap! Puppies."


I love going down and am hard out learning to breath through my ears lol. Guys that don't or refuse are morons, but to each his own. I'd like to know though, why women at the start of a relationship are happy to go down and often allow you to finish in their mouths, but as time goes on the frequency decreases?

lol I'm guessing its your charming personality, no probably because most girls after a while, probably don't enjoy doing it that much once they are comfortably in a relationship or what they assume is a relationship and would rather go for more sex with you pleasing her, and because finishing in the mouth doesn't really have that interesting appeal after a while

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