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Does my ass look big in this? Questions, problems, answers, support. Share your thoughts and ask questions to improve your relationships and for those still in the game, learn from our in-house pro's on how to land the girl of your dreams.

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Win with Church Road
posted by allie
12 "I'll bet Bartholomew Steinmetz (the original owner of Church Road) never thought about the winery brand being some of the finest wines produced in New Zealand out of the Hawks Bay area. Thank you Graham and your team for keeping it alive today."
27th July '13, 11:54pm
posted by Beno »
How do you keep that spark going after so many years...?
posted by Flashgg
20 "Find a level of contentment, worry only about your relationship and enjoy seeing your other half happy and content, do what you both want, there are no rules or guidelines, you make your own as you go along .respect each other and be grateful for..."
23rd July '13, 7:12pm
posted by rosey »
Sex Question
posted by DeeDee
20 "lol I'm guessing its your charming personality, no probably because most girls after a while, probably don't enjoy doing it that much once they are comfortably in a relationship or what they assume is a relationship and would rather go for more sex..."
1st July '13, 12:22am
posted by DeeDee »
posted by ben111
1 "First of all,I want to thank dr benlod for what he has done for me, Am so happy today and i have stopped thinking. After my wife bree left me for another man he said i was not good enough and that he hates me, i cried because i really loved bree..."
24th May '13, 5:54am
posted by ben111 »
What makes a woman sexy?
posted by JasonMantis
69 "Alcohol is good for making a woman look even sexier! Millions of men can not be wrong... "
8th May '13, 11:01am
posted by Bells-n-Whistles »
Gay Marriage, Proud of New Zealand?
posted by Judy
15 "Yup, definitely. It shows NZ is open-minded and tolerant."
5th May '13, 4:26pm
posted by T »
posted by Bambi
11 "Relax, try deep breathing (breathing into your balls) and don't try to rush. Try some breathing exercises and yoga, you must not stress. If you could not achieve an erection the first time just let it be, don't let it play on your mind. The..."
4th May '13, 11:58pm
posted by PArry »
Ideal Partner
posted by colin
34 "There can only be one perfect partner for a woman with a high opinion of herself, A Mirror. What she was hoping for was: He will be a brilliant conversationalist. He will be sensitive, kind, understanding and loving. He will be a very hard..."
30th April '13, 9:03am
posted by Bells-n-Whistles »
Weddings - who are they really for?
posted by scott
37 "It's to keep the in-laws and your parents happy, oh and maybe to scoop up a few presents along the way!"
30th April '13, 8:58am
posted by Bells-n-Whistles »
my testimony
posted by lizzy
3 "Lizzy- I don't mean to be uncaring but you are on a 'male' themed site. Your comments are boardering on soliciting. Can I suggest you post, I suspect you have already, on 'Chelsey" a female themed site, where you might find a sympathetic ear."
29th April '13, 9:50pm
posted by Ricky »

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