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Does my ass look big in this? Questions, problems, answers, support. Share your thoughts and ask questions to improve your relationships and for those still in the game, learn from our in-house pro's on how to land the girl of your dreams.

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posted by Bells-n-Whistles
15 "It's just another form of bigamy and it happens all over the world. Not sure it's fair on any of the people involved. But, if they are happy then good on them. Would I feel differently if it was one woman and two men? not sure..."
1st June '14, 8:19am
posted by lr »
Inappropriate relationships
posted by Onaphobia
7 "Always a difficult one.. as much as avoiding the trouble is good, sometimes you can't help it"
28th May '14, 8:25pm
posted by Kizami »
Sex after 60 for males.
posted by gerryg
1 "Sex after 60 these days is quite easy, if you have the money.You have the magical pill Viagra and the rest offering sex if you can afford them. What about other people who don't have the cash or the nerve to ask their doctor, what do they..."
26th May '14, 7:10pm
posted by gerryg »
How to propose?
posted by JasonMantis
52 "my fiancée proposed but involved our kids (we had 3 at the time) and they all held up signs really was the most unexpected awesome surprise and to involve the kids was even better!"
10th October '13, 5:56pm
posted by Cindy »
posted by TommyTyrant
1 "The challenge is to do an Arnie yell (AYAYAYAYAYAYAAA) mid orgasm and see how your partner reacts. Just a little fun while youre having fun ;) "
9th October '13, 12:19pm
posted by TommyTyrant »
Hardware dramas!!
posted by Flashgg
4 "Best to understand your strengths and weaknesses. If you are one prone to frustration and loud venting when things don't fit, snap in two, "WHAT THE HELL HAPPEND TO MY WRENCH?! IT WAS HERE JUST A SECOND AGO!!!" Yeah then, for your sake, the sake of..."
8th October '13, 6:14pm
posted by Timotheus »
Do you really give nothing when you agree with your partner not to get anything?!
posted by Phoenix
54 "I would rather give a gift out of the blue then on dates that "society" tell me to do. Its then more of a thought than having to do it because someone tells you you should be. Also, we arent made of money so its when we can afford to splurge on..."
7th October '13, 9:12pm
posted by becskirk »
Win with canterbury NZ - uglies prize pack
posted by allie
3 "Loving my new Canterbury threads, thanks Get Frank."
7th October '13, 8:49pm
posted by LUCKYONE »
Showing support for your partner
posted by New Member
13 "The serious shit should be discussed and settled behind closed door, taking the piss in a nice way can be funny as long as there are set boundaries. But when it gets too personal or private then they have overstepped the mark, the trust in that..."
21st August '13, 10:00am
posted by Bells-n-Whistles »
Age difference - how much does it matter?
posted by JasonMantis
92 "We have a 19 year age difference, and no one seems to care, all our friends don't see anything wrong or strange , we are best friends first and the rest works out pretty good."
28th July '13, 6:09pm
posted by skoota681 »

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