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Does my ass look big in this? Questions, problems, answers, support. Share your thoughts and ask questions to improve your relationships and for those still in the game, learn from our in-house pro's on how to land the girl of your dreams.

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Teenage children - how do you stay connected in their life?
posted by shiny
21 "I don't and I have shut the door on them now, until they stuff up and see the light. They don't listen to me anyway, so their life! :)"
22nd November '15, 1:36am
posted by New Member »
Sex Toys worth it?
posted by Gabser
10 "You both have to want to ... with or without toys. If she says no, you'll see a Sad Sack moping down the road ... "
19th November '15, 2:39pm
posted by David »
How do you tell your wife / girlfriend, "I Love You"?
posted by Aeromad
17 "aside from telling her that i love her, she says its the little things i do, that show her aswell, from simple things like rubbing her feet after a long day, having dinner ready for her, or just being that ear to listen, when she needs to offload...."
18th November '15, 4:50pm
posted by nuttydread »
Sex addiction and affairs
posted by GetFrank Member
2 "That's a really tough one as I'd imagine the person who has sex addiction is probably a nice person but unable to control himself. Who has diagnosed him? Friends or a real shrink? I'd guess it's a fine line. Depends what she wants - if she thinks..."
17th November '15, 12:23pm
posted by Lee »
posted by dan_wise_man
10 "Not my cup of tea, but I guess some people like it."
20th October '15, 11:33pm
posted by T »
Do long distance relationships work?
posted by barnes10
24 "Nothing like a good scrap to clear the air"
21st June '15, 7:30pm
posted by Aaron »
What wouldn't you do for your partner?
posted by Gabser
8 "Talk to her when the sports news is on...just kidding (well, sort of kidding actually...)."
16th June '15, 6:57pm
posted by Shaun »
Best advice on love and romance you have had?
posted by TTT
48 "A relationship is never 50/50. You need to try and always give it a hundred percent."
25th March '15, 4:13pm
posted by Timotheus »
Ways to improve love & relationships
posted by CORTEX
24 "Movie night at home works for us we have four kids hard to make time together. Oh and treat each other with love and respect, and good communication, one more thing TRUST."
25th March '15, 12:23pm
posted by K Scott »
How OUR life should be?
posted by CORTEX
8 "Make yourself a charming couple's with the help of plenty of chemistry ;-) "
28th December '14, 1:32am
posted by CORTEX »


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