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Totally agree... life is way too short... my hubby at age 32 suffered a heart attack and neither one of us would have expected something like that so early in his life but it has made me be alot more appreciative of what we have and that he is still here with me.... Telling him i love has always been there each and every day... Appreciating life is so easy once you experience something like this.


Jonah Lomu was great with his wife and boys - I am sure he told them every day he loved them. Plus he had tattoos of them forever.


My elderly parents are getting on these days and I spend much time with them and you never know if they pass away tomorrow , next week or next year. You will never have a second chance to say how much you love them or spend time with them.


Never go to bed after having an argument - resolve it and start the next day afresh.


This great advice I didnt know which might have saved my last relationship or did she use/abuse then do a runner? She wouldnt tell me so I wont know


Never a truer word spoken. We all think we have heaps of time but dying is not the perrogative of the elderly. Each day is precious and we should treat it as so and leave the chores, spend time with family and friends instead before its too late.


My Mum passed away suddenly at the end of February, I was so glad I had spoken to her nearly every day.


Very true, we have had two deaths in the family so close together so you never know what tommorrow will bring


Our daughter in London works 3 minutes away from Tower Bridge & the night of the terror attack she was just finishing up, when chaos reigned down.
She immediately rang home to say she was okay.
All tubes were in lockdown & I'd just finished advising her to get a cab & go home via back streets, when her phone went dead.
I hadn't had the chance to tell her I loved her.
I hoped & prayed she got my email saying just that.
Happy ending she'd run out of credit & was safe.
Never take life for granted, if you love them always tell them.

I did NOT expect this story to have a happy ending. I'm glad it did. I am not looking forward to my kids growing up and moving overseas. I won't stop them, I did the same thing, but I'm going to worry ridiculous amounts.

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