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Never leave it too late or it will be

Never leave saying I Love You until its too late, say it every day

Always tell your loved ones you love them or give a kiss as a sign of affection before parting xx


True, we say it to each other before work and even if we are just going up town alone, even say it to our kids when we put them in the car, you never know when its going to be your last day.


Watch that work/life balance too folks. Noone on their death bed wishes that they had spent more time at work.


So very important with all your relationships. Nobody knows what is around the corner and regret is a horrible thing to have to live with.


Now's a goodtime ---- yes right now ----


yup say it every chance you get! You never know when someone will take their last breath.


All the people in my life get the I love you whenever I finish a phone call or visit. It's like forgetting your manners I just can't, it's how I was brought up xx


I tend to save it up but will try and spread it around a bit more!


Yes - the Christchurch earthquakes taught me to live each day as if it might be you last. Every second counts.


I decided a long time ago that who is right and who is wrong is not important. We can agree to differ. we always say I love you, and we mean it. We may be a bit pissed off, or annoyed but we do love each other. This is the adults and the kids in our home. We have learnt the difficult way that in a heartbeat your life can change forever and loved ones don't always come home again. But we can take it a step further than that too. I try to smile a people in the street, say hello or talk to the person I'm in a queue with. Who knows what their story is, just maybe if they are having a rough day it might be nice for them to know they are not invisible ....they matter.


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