Discussing :: Mid life crisis - reality or just an excuse for bad behaviour?


Mid life crisis - reality or just an excuse for bad behaviour?

Is the male mid life crisis a reality, or just a convenient excuse for some self-indulgence and bad behaviour? Popular myth suggests men start reverting back to their youth when they hit a 'certain age'. We probably all know someone that who decides to buy the latest Harley after years of sensible cars, just as their hair starts thinning and their paunch starts growing. But is this kind of behaviour a biological inevitability, or just a chance to prove you've still got it? Research suggests that not only is it part of the ageing process, but it's hitting men earlier than ever before - even in your mid 30's. Many pundits believe it is brought on by long working hours and stress. What do others think?


Have you gained a few kilos, don't have as much physical stamina as you used to have, sex with your partner isn't as exciting as it used to be, maybe daydreaming about having sex with other partners. Your well on the way to having your midlife crisis. Time to go out and buy that harley, mountain bike or surfboard before you stuff up whats left of your life miserable life.


...its a reality my brother is going through it right now lol....he always tells us he still looks great for his age, that his ex's still keep in contact with him....and he has been asking my sister in law to go clubbing lol.....and wants to join the local motor cycle club....lol...he even wanted to try cross fit and left one morning to head to the gym but a family friend found him at the cafe next door having a big breakfast instead lol....which he denies happened :-)


At middle age starting around 40 these days, the reality of time running out, as evidenced by physical aging, the onset of serious illnesses and even the death of family and friends, can start both men and women on a frenetic journey of self-discovery and re-evaluation of their life’s goals. Maybe the solution is to start a Middle Age Club similar to what they run in other towns & countries. I’m sure you will get plenty of Members, if that’s what you are looking for. Maybe call it the Bad Club!

....I doubt guys would admit being members of this club....lol......


Really Thanks for sharing all this one.


Seems a lot of men and women go through this. A lot of people in their 40s seem to split with their partners, or want to. Which is fine by me as I'm single and waiting for the person I want to be single again. Ha ha.




The real issue is to tell you are at the midlife stage 30/40/50 ??? People who want to misbehave or just go off the rails dont need an excuse. Some just get more pedantic and intolerable of those around them. Others have more spare cash at 40 or 50 if they have done the right things and set themselves up so now they have that spare cash available. Why does a mid life crisis have to involve a Harley ? What about international holidays every year or anything they weren't doing 20 years ago. Its just called living a life.


As morbid as it sounds, I've noticed that a lot of men tend to have a 'mid-life crisis' when they've lost both their parents. The reality is that they are the next to go so I think a lot of men start to re-evaluate their lives and think about the things that they wanted to accomplish and haven't yet done so, for example own a nice car, fall in love with a beautiful woman, etc. etc. If that hasn't happened then why not go out and do all those things, what have you got to lose?


A reality although I am sure it affects some men more than others...Mine more Grumpy and bought an electric guitar never strummed a note...Ah well there's always Trade me...

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