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Marriage for life?

I heard on the radio this morning that Mexico are considering changing their wedding vows from "Till death do us part" to "Till years do us part".
Ok, so on one level this may well just be a sign of the times; people just don't commit in the way they used to.How about having a 2 year trial period? If you thought that you were under notice to perform would you try a little harder? Perhaps it could e extended after that with regular reviews every 5 years thereafter?


I have NEVER heard anyone (other than me) make this suggestion! My thought was a 7 year contract with an option to renew. What else in life do you have to commit to forEVER (how ever long that is). It's ridiculous. And yes, I believe if people thought they might get replaced at the end of the contract then they might work harder on the relationship. And I found that when I was married and finding something about my partner or the relationship difficult I'd feel "OH GOD I have to put up with this FOREVER!!!??" Which had to have been more stressful than if it was only 'okay, I've only got another 3 years, I can do that. And often the thing will pass, or not seem such a big deal.

Re: vows, my sisters vows went "as long as our love for each other may last". I'll never forget that, and I was only 11 when they got married. Turned out that love only lasted a year. Good thing they didn't opt for the 'til death' option.


I'd have to admit that I have commitment issues as I can't imagine having to wake up next to the same person for the rest of my life and the routine that brings, but in saying that with my current boyfriend I have been with him the longest and that thought hadn't crossed my mind till I saw this, but I am definitely loving our relationship....as with trials wouldn't you perform knowing it was a trial, and when it came to the crunch you were totally different?


Hmm, interesting insight into the inner workings of the female psyche. Any chance of some male perspective or is that too much to hope for, haha.

@Jason I may have to clarify what I mean when I say commitment issues I mean the wedding and ceremony stuff....when I am in a relationship it is only that relationship no others....lol the issue is not the person (probably me), the issue is getting serious and for me that is a wedding and what comes with that....to me it just makes it seem official sounds weird but that's how I see it....so when I get the feeling that the person I am with wants to take that step it gives me the jitters...I even left South America cause I got major jitters and rushed back this way..lol....but thankfully...when I got into this relationship I told him how I felt about it and he was happy with that...and that hasn't changed


My philosophies in life 1) Never say never and never say forever 2) If I marry you, I'll just have to divorce you.
Cynical I know- but up front and honest.


Marriage is a three ring circus:
engagement ring
wedding ring
& suffering.


......so why would you then....or is that another joke.....marriage is a serious business.....just one that seldom makes you money.

I totally agree I am the youngest in my family and I'd hate to say it but my brothers and sisters marriages haven't exactly been the prime examples of wedded bliss.....I suppose there is hope as my mum and dad have been happily married for 55 years....and I have never heard them say a bad word to each other, my dad always sings to my mum and they always use to have random waltz's around the house every now and then....but they are those old school traditional kiwis

Also agreed. Can't remember which celeb said it, but I like this quote: "Next time I'll just go and find a woman I can't stand and give her half my money".


Yep sound like a real blokes Forum to me, come on guys show your femininity

I've shown my tits here already. Enough of the femininity!


meeeeeeow says Garfield


This is stupid, honestly why get married if you aint ready to be commited? its a commitment you have to be ready for before you jump in and get married. If you are scared of marriage, then just stay in the realtionship, and not get married.


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