Discussing :: Love, life.....and being an International Cocksman


Love, life.....and being an International Cocksman

I am thinking of writing my first book, and being a self styled ladies man, having worked in late night, dimly lit bars all over the world, I have developed a few "techniques" that I would like to share...... possibly styled as a "how to" guide, would you buy a book called The Diary of an International Cocksman?

....it's not one of those straight to video scenarios is it....lol....men usually like to keep their techniques to themselves isn't it?....not to sure about the title though....may keep some hanging....


what where did my post go? how mysterious!


Wow, mine too!!!


Bet mine was funnier than yours.


i dunno mine was actually speaking from exerience of a bar man who worked from our flat. long story short he ended up having one girl piss in his brand new bed then a week later discovered he had the clap haha couldnt have happened to a more deserving guy


It could be a book the the single man may want to read. I'm not sure about the title though. Kind of makes it sound like you are a man that likes the cock!

....LMBO....or a man who thinks he's the man but really.....so far from the truth....ohh so so far....


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