Discussing :: If your having doubts in a relationship should you keep trying or bail out?


first you say a few doubts but then you also say couldnt see yourself marrying so sounds like its just a fling or casual relationship & not a permanent relationship. most times doubts can be worked out or sorted or if you really analyse them they are no longer doubts but if you can't picture yourself marrying then I would say get out & not waste the other persons time & your own as as the saying goes there will be someone else out there for the both of you who you can picture marrying or staying in a relationship forever with. or even to be happy by yourself as staying in that type of relationship is not great or healthy for either of you but thats my opinion & also from my experience. the longer you stay in it also the more hurt will come out of it. just don't stay because its the easiest thing to do it doesn't work & what about your partner. think of them as well not just about yourself.


Depends on the doubts and only you can answer the question


If you have negative thoughts about a relationship you need to bail now, before it goes too far. If the relationship is doomed then staying will only prolong the agony. Don’t be scared to say goodbye.


Listen to the inner you, dont b scared.


Nothing is perfect all the time and misunderstanding and misperceptions are only human so doubts are not only natural but expect - if you don't have doubts at some stage, you are either in the world's most unique relationship, or sipping the good stuff way too much...the key is communication, don't bottle it up and let if fester into something truly unpleasant, get it out of the table as soon as you can and so often you will find that it was all nothing...


I always say its ok to try someone out for the first few months, but if its getting serious you should be excited to be with them. If you have that then you can work through the other things


you should write down a list of pros and cons, always helps me


especially hard to actually tell you what to do or not to do ---> go with your gut feeling, you're currently in doubt and something has made you feel this way, so why not tell that person you're in doubt. How about tellinh them "how you feel" and all the reasons/situations/explaniations and really open up to them --> you have nothing to loose as you're thinking of walking away anyway. But just be honest with yourself, you're the only one that can make you happy so really it's up to you.


Depends how serious the doubts are. Maybe you can work out your issues. Best to put the effort in and then if it doesn't work then you have tried.


If you can't sleep properly due to worry, then maybe that's a good indication that something is wrong. Bail out


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