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I will never find my ideal partner as I know what I want so I am going to remain single & be happy with that


In reality there is no ideal partner. But you can find someone who is at least 70-80 % compatiable to you.

So, how do you know when enough is enough? I mean, have you crossed the threshold of 'enough', or do you need another 10%...

Single is easier...

In a lot of ways...


Being compatible in bed is a good start, I feel so sorry for my mates who say the sex had died down to nothing. My partner and I are still swinging from the rafters after 7 years!


Someone who is cute, has a sense of humour, & someone who stands by you through tough times.


A good partner doesn't have another partner on the side. A great partner likes to go fishing.


One with a pulse. Just joking... well, they would get an interview anyway.


There can only be one perfect partner for a woman with a high opinion of herself, A Mirror. What she was hoping for was: He will be a brilliant conversationalist. He will be sensitive, kind, understanding and loving. He will be a very hard working man. He will help around the house by washing dishes, vacuming the floors and taking care of the garden. He will be a man of emotional and physical strength. He will be as smart as Einstein but look like Harrison Ford. ..........but what she actually gets He always takes her to the best restaurants, someday he will take her inside. He doesn't have any ulsers, he just gives them. Anytime he gets an idea in his head, he has the whole thing in a nutshell. He is well known as a miracle worker, it's a miracle when he works. He supports his wife in the manner to which she was accustomed, he lets her keep her job. He is such a bore, that he even bores her to death when he gives her a compliment. He has occasional flashes of silence that make his conversation brilliant. After a man finds out his 'woman' is no angel, he tries to ascertain to what extent she isn't.


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