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Ideal Partner

If you have to be anything you are not to enjoy the relationship then it is not the right partner for life eh :-)


I always based it on looks.. algud but now they gotta have a job!!! be good to you and bugger the looks (well maybe a little)


Well im pretty lucky, my partner is quite intelligant, always good to me, had a job before she had our baby girl as a personal assistant, and to top it off she is really good looking!!!! now shes my ideal partner.


The ideal partner accepts you for who you are, not what they would like you to be. We made a pact when we got together "Let's just love each other to bits and leave each other the hell alone" It works!


The best piece of advice that I got told was " Learn how to be best friends because once all the sex stops/slows down, you'll still be best friends"


Would be some one who's there to pick you up when down, always down for a laugh and there for the good and bad times.. Banging body & a nympho are added bonuses!

....and had a high paying job!!!!!!!!


A woman who has the same ambitions in life as you do would be a better place to start.


....that special person that loves you when you are at your best but loves you more when you are at your worse....you have one of those....then that's a keeper.....


Someone who is interesting to talk to. Who doesn't make a big deal about the little things. And who is creative, in some way. And active in some way.

...definitely a plus that you have to be able to communicate.....and yes I totally agree, I don't like people who take small things and blow it out of proportion......

And people who have a strong opinion (right or wrong) but are so rubbish at communication that they come off looking like total idiots trying to get their point across. I guess this is mostly when they are wrong, and they try to argue that they are right and just make my point over and over. This is kind of topical, with the whole gun law debate in the USA at the moment... :/


mutual understanding and consideration

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