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I just threw up a little in my mouth.

Then my job here is done. :)


no sense of adventure or making a mockery of a serious moment!

Too true... this did start off as a serious thread. However, there is much mirth to be had whilst proposing...


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indeed is it too early to suggest a honeymoon destination?

Considering your stellar 'cream bikini' idea I'd LOVE to hear all about your ideas for honeymoon destinations. I'm sure any girl would appreciate the location above...

Ah maaaate, we're definitely on the same page!

You are marrying a woman, right Jason? Or should we be suggesting a trip to NYC?


Well, you were considering a honeymoon on a Beer Bike in Germany, the question had to be asked.

Well I was brought up partly in the Rheinland in Germany, so when Oktober comes around I do get a little restless. The idea of a bike ride in the country with a bunch of mates, if THAT were the bike....

God I'm digging a very deep hole here, I see that now.

Haha - No, I can totally see the appeal. Except for that I don't like beer. Wine, now, that's another story. But I don't think they have VinoBikes in Napa. But motorbikes in Napa would ROCK! Except for the riding drunk part...

Well, on this contraption it would appear that steering could be achieved by committee. A superb, if somewhat flawed control philosophy or user interface design. I hadn't been aware that the humble rack and pinion method was so fatally flawed but certainly applaud the enterprising soul that challenged our perception. It's almost art.


The girlfriend who is german informed me "only weird people and tourists go on those bikes" so i get a double tick woot!

But thats the bonus of germans fiona is when i ask her if she wants anything to drink First choice is - Beer!


Okay Jason, it's been a little quiet in the forums today. I vote you pop the question now, based on the excellent advice you received in this thread, and then tell us how it goes. No, really, we need something to talk about.


And my metallic green shorts aren't enough?
I'd love to obligue, however I think I'd be rapidly ejected if she found out I'd proposed at the request of a bored forum.

Besides, I've decided that whatever happens, I cannot propose without one of those fantastic German beer bikes in close attendance. Assuming the poor misguided woman accepts, I'd need a chariot of celebration and can think of none finer.


Go to Diamond Harbour, go down on one knee (yes the old fashioned way). Worked for me about 17 years ago :)


If you are going to do it, today's the day. "Valentines Day"


no matter what you do, it's coming from you which will make it special to the receiver of your proposal. So up to you really what you do or how to distract the person before popping the question. One tip is --> if you're over thinking it and it's keeping you up at nite then just simply get it off your chest, why wait?


Maybe your second tattoo should pop the question. It will be permanent but then I hope your marriage would be also.

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