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How to propose?

I'm thinking of popping the question later this year, if I don't f@ck it up before then. Any suggestions for something romantic but not too sentimental?


Go all out man, make a movie trailer like this man hahaha



Awesome! I'd rather a crap load of money was spent doing something like this than on the actual wedding!


Or go with a complete shock factor like this guy

Yep, loved that too! Gotta be creative!

I would have thrown him off again when he came back up. Not cool!

See, now this would TOTALLY work for me, but then I almost married a stunt guy so I'd only be fooled for a split second. This guy fell like a stunt guy, he's done it a ton of times before so I'm surprised she was surprised.


is this to the girl that terrified you from saying she loved you the other night? And that was jumping the gun more than this ???? im guessing you took the freaky sex option! hah

Haha, no! It's been 8 months for me and my girl, we're doing pretty well. The bloke with the shocked possum expression is my mate Paul. I couldn't resist a laugh at his expense...


Something memorable, personal. Maybe use what you do well, or that says something about you, something you do together, or what you want your lives together to be like. I'm a filmmaker, I'd make a film, except it's been done. And I'm not a guy... Good luck!

Welll, I was impressed by the movie trailer one, but I'm certainly no film maker. To be honest, I'm having second thoughts. Ever since you posted about your wet leathers....

Haha - well I traded in my leathers for a camera. And if it was me... I think I'd rather take her on a vacation to Vegas, pop the question and just do it. Way simpler than stuffing around with a wedding. How's that for romantic yet unsentimental. But if you have to do the wedding thing... I'd vote for one of those all inclusive resorts (like in Jamaica) where they take care of everything and all you have to do is turn up.

Maybe a little less traditional than you were going for...


So Jason, how are you going to do it?

I haven't got the faintest idea! Still looking for inspiration I guess. I've been waiting almost 20 years trying to come up with an idea for my second tattoo, so I really hope it's not going to be anything like that. I'll get the house bought first, then maybe pop the question when we walk through the door.

I've been waiting about 20 years to decide on my FIRST tattoo. I thought I had it sussed, then changed my mind. So many people get them now that unless it's very unique and original, or meaningful, I don't think I'll be bothered.


i reckon make yourself the cream bikini then have a ring hiden under it, tho might get you a slap more than a fiance

How do I turn myself into a cream bikini???


can of whipped cream then rest is up to you haha

That is a very... bad idea.

yet funny :D

Have you smelled whipped cream on skin? It's not conducive to marriage.

I know that I, for one, do not need to consider the smell of whipped cream on skin. I just have to picture a lover heading towards me looking like that to have fuel for about a weeks worth of nightmares.


see much like this haha

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